Wrestlecon Supershow Review

This show could be absolutely anything. The crowd seems to be better than the one at Evolve 102. Marty DeRosa and Excalibur on commentary.

Joey Janela vs Penta El Zero M

This was a good way to start the show as it got the crowd into it. It was a touch too short to be anything other than some good fun. It involved some of the crazy shit you expect from Janela, but not all of it. ***

The Joey Ryan 'Andy Kaufman' Invitational

Joey Ryan runs through Kaufman's famous intergender gimmick. The challenge is answered by Jerry Lawler. It was 35 years to the day of the original meeting. Excalibur is having a field day making Jerry Lawler 'protector of women' jokes. Joey Ryan reminds Lawler that he can't use a piledriver and proceeds to tell him to touch his dick. Lawler kicks him in the dick but it has no effect. He then shoots a fireball at his dick. That does it. Lawler gets disqualified. I'm not giving that a rating. 

Intergender 10-Person Tag - Tenille Dashwood, Tessa Blanchard, Madison Eagles, Shazza McKenzie & Nicole Savoy vs Trevor Lee, Caleb Konley, Jake Manning, MJF & Zane Riley

The Louisiana State Athletic Commission requires that they specify that this match is lucha rules. It really didn't have any rules. I had good fun with this one. It was daft but there was enough wrestling to keep it entertaining throughout. Blanchard, Eagles, and Lee were particularly entertaining. ***

Jeff Cobb vs Tomohiro Ishii

FUCK YES! Double hard bastard fight. They exchange forearms for about 90 straight seconds, and I'm already sold. This was my favourite match of the weekend so far. They beat the breaks off each other. Stiff strikes, big suplexes, massive enjoyment. I would love to see this again, book it New Japan. ****1/2

Rey Fenix & Rey Horus vs Bandido & Flamita

This is the perfect accompaniment to the previous match. This one is wrestled at double pace with zero respect for the laws of gravity. It was wildly entertaining, with all four guys getting their shit in. It never slowed, and it didn't outstay it's welcome. This is turning out to be a really fun show. ****1/4

Matt Classic, Teddy Hart & Jason Cade vs Chico El Luchador, Psicosis & Super Crazy

This was exactly as random and daft as it looks like it should be. This show has good structure. **

Adam Brooks vs Sammy Guevara vs Shane Strickland vs Will Ospreay

This crowd is so much better than the Evolve show. Ospreay gets a hero's welcome. This was nuts. At this stage I can't tell if Ospreay is selling the neck injury like a champ or whether it is giving him real gip. He takes another nasty looking bump in this one. It's full on from start to finish, and while it never reaches greatness, it is very entertaining. ***3/4

Hiroshi Tanahashi, Juice Robinson & Sami Callihan vs Minoru Suzuki, David Starr & Brian Cage

This is what happens when you randomly select wrestlers from the CAW list. I'm very happy about it. This was another fun match. This show is really doing a good job of letting all the wrestlers have some fun, and giving the crowd what they want. Everybody gets some shine before Callihan spits on Suzuki. The smile on Suzuki's face tells you how much he just fucked up. Suzuki tries to snap his arm off and he has to tap. The crowd wants the arm broken but Callihan escapes, so Suzuki tries to break anyone's arm. Suzuki is the fucking man. ***3/4

We get a brief preview of Suzuki vs Tanahashi after the match. Suzuki gives zero fucks.

Golden Lovers vs Chuck Taylor & Flip Gordon

Chuckie T teases the Swamp Monster, Orange Cassidy, Dan Barry, and an injured Trent as his partner. In the end, it is Flip Gordon. The crowd chants 'the Earth is round' at Flip Gordon. Crazy flat Earth Flip Gordon. It's as good a reason to be seen as a heel as any. If you are expecting a match that is even remotely similar to the Young Bucks match, you won't find it here. If you want a match that is just stupid fun, and why wouldn't you at this stage, then this is for you. At one point Trent comes out to give Chuck a pair of shades and a cigarette. The wrestling is still really good though. ***3/4

Overall Grade - A-

This was hands down my favourite show so far. It had something for everyone, from high flying to hard-hitting to fireball in the crotch. It also had a hot crowd that made3 the show fly by. The commentary is a joy too. I highly recommend it.