Joey Janela's Spring Break 2 Review

The opening video to the show is the Attitude Era build up video with the WWF logo replaced with the JJSB2 logo. There is then a trailer for a movie about an old Joey Janela reminiscing about the old days and visiting Marty Jannety's grave. There are so many good moments in it. It is fucking brilliant. I'm already sold on this show. There are so many fans in attendance. This is the same venue as Evolve, and there are roughly 5 or 6 times more people.

Eli Everfly vs DJZ vs Tony Deppen vs Gringo Loco vs KTB vs Teddy Hart

Teddy Hart is in this match so obviously, it's fucking bonkers. This was everything I wanted from the opener on a show this insane. It was fast, it was crazy, it was sloppy, and it was stupidly entertaining all the way through, and it was an unapologetic spotfest. ***

Matt Riddle vs James Ellsworth

Ellsworth attacked early but Riddle fought it off. He tried to knee Ellsworth in the face but missed due to Ellsworth's lack of chin. Great spot. Ellsworth gets a near fall off a superkick but Riddle locks in the Bromission and it's lights out. This was what it needed to be. **

Virgil turned up and said something. I don't know what it was, and neither did anyone else.


In case you don't know PCO is Pierre Carl Ouelett, formerly one half of the Quebecers. The last great match I saw him have was at In Your House 3, against Bret Hart. That was until now. At the age of 50, PCO puts in a beast performance. The man does a moonsault to the floor. WALTER gets racked off about that and powerbombs him through a table. I currently genuinely love every single match that WALTER has. The chop off they have is fucking brilliant and PCO follows it up with a suicide dive, a flip senton and a top rope rana. PCO hits the split legged moonsault! What the fucking fuck?! PCO hits the flip senton and picks up the win. PCO is the fucking man. Most surprisingly superb match of the year. ****1/4

GCW Title - Nick Gage vs Penta El Zero M

This was a wild brawl involving a lot of door smashing. It was good fun. I assume the LA State Athletic Commission was flush with fine money after this one. Gage picks up the win to defend his title. After the match a few fans give Gage the business so Gage offers to fight all of them in the parking lot. Nick fucking Gage is crazy. ***

David Starr vs Mike Quackenbush

This was a really good wrestling match. Quack is one of the most uniquely skilled technical wrestlers on the planet. They work a fun 12 minutes, and it is clear that Starr is having a blast. WALTER is on commentary and is straight up hilarious. ***3/4

Clusterfuck Match

This is a Royal Rumble with no structure to its entrants, they seriously enter whenever they fucking feel like it, and eliminations can occur by pinfall, submission, over the top rope or death. I am not going to rate this, because why the fuck would I?, but I will say that it is dumb entertainment that has some genuinely hilarious moments in it. The commentary team, that includes Ron Funches, has some absolute gems. There are some surprise entrants and it is won by the Invisible Man. That isn't a gimmick. He is invisible.

Joey Janela vs Great Sasuke

This was just fucking nuts. It ran a bit long at 25 minutes but it featured all of Sasuke's greatest hits. The dude is bonkers. There were some issues with some of the spots, and the match contained no structure whatsoever, but at least we saw Sasuke. **1/2

Overall Grade - A litre of Jack and some PCP

The whole show was insane. WALTER vs PCO is the one though.