Impact Wrestling vs Lucha Underground Review

I have no real expectations going into this, as I'm not sure how serious they are taking it, but there are a few matches that look good on paper. Josh Matthews and Matt Striker are on commentary, that could get frustrating. The sound is a bit off but Melissa Santos is pumped so I'm okay.

Chavo Guerrero Jr vs Jack Evans vs Matanza vs Caleb Konley vs Moose vs Matt Sydal

A nice mix of styles here. Jack Evans is bald and it looks weird. This was a good way to start the show. The action was constant, everyone got a chance to shine, and it gave the crowd something to get the blood pumping. From the Moose vs Matanza segments, I am up for a Moose vs Cobb match somewhere in the future. ***1/2

Lucha Underground returns on June 13th.

Impact Knockouts Championship - Taya Valkyrie vs Allie

As I don't watch much Impact Taya seems bigger than I am used to. She looks great. This was a good match, albeit one where the outcome never really felt in doubt. I need to tune in to Taya vs Rosemary next week. ***

oVe vs Scott Steiner & Teddy Hart

What. The. Fuck. Teddy Hart does Teddy Hart things and nearly kills Jake Crist. Scott Steiner spends almost the entire match on the apron then wins. It was a match. *1/2

Drago, Aerostar & King Cuerno vs Dezmond Xavier, DJZ & Andrew Everett

This was a great match between six top-notch wrestlers. High speed, tons of nice spots, and some great wrestling. It was exactly what it needed to be. ****

Trevor Lee vs Marty 'The Moth' Martinez

Marty is taking Famous B's place. He almost kills himself immediately, the crazy bastard. This match was fun but nothing more than that. Both men are good wrestlers but they never really got out of second gear. This was also the first time that the smugness of the commentary started to grate on me. ***

Impact Tag Titles - LAX vs Killshot & The Mack

This was a lovely match. The two teams worked really well together and they put on something that exceeded the expectations that I had for it. Had it not been for a bit of a botch towards the end, that slowed down the momentum they had built, it would have been even better. They did a good job of making it seem that the title could change hands. ****

Eli Drake vs Brian Cage

Drake cut a great promo on the fans before the match, but the match itself never really did it for me. It was functional and there was nothing really wrong with it, but it was a bit boring. **

I Quit Match - Eddie Edwards vs Jeremiah Crane

I feel like this would have made more sense without the Callihan name change but there is legitimate beef here due to the baseball bat to the face incident. This felt about as run of the mill as an I Quit match can be. It had the bumps and the violence but it didn't have the heart or the soul. The finish came off as really flat too. **1/2

Austin Aries vs Fenix vs Pentagon Dark

This was originally scheduled to be a tag team match, also involving Alberto El Patron, but he decided to no-show. I haven't been this happy about someone not turning up since Kid Rock no-showed the 2008 Download Festival. Aries turns up with his 58 belts. This started off quite awkwardly but it didn't last and it was soon in full flight. At one point in this match Pentagon hits the sweetest looking powerbomb I've ever seen. Pentagon ended picking up the win, pinning Fenix. This was a great way to end a mostly fun show. ****

Overall Grade - B

I think the experiment worked pretty damn well, and it is clear to see that Impact would benefit from bringing in some of the LU talent, so I hope they do. This is worth checking out, especially as it is free on Twitch, and the commentary wasn't even that bad either.