This Week In WWE

  • Raw started with Reigns attacking US Marshals, a crime with carries a sentence of up to 20 years in jail, and all that happened was that he got handcuffed. Brock then turned up and murdered him. They are trying to make Reigns a sympathetic face but it didn't work here. The segment was good though.
  • Alexa Bliss cut another dickish promo then lost to Asuka as she decided that leaving was her best option. Nia Jax turned up and chased Bliss around the arena. It was solid stuff. Angle booked Bliss vs Jax for Mania.
  • Braun says that he doesn't need a tag partner to beat The Bar. They disagree. Braun beats Cesaro in a pretty good match.
  • The Revival beat Titus Worldwide and declared themselves for the Andre Battle Royal.
  • Mark Henry is Hall of Fame bound.
  • Sasha Banks and Bayley continued to air their issues. They lost a tag match to Absolution. Ideally they would have a match at Mania but I figure that it will come at Backlash as Mania is filling up rapidly. 
  • Cena chatted a lot of shit to Undertaker, telling him to stop being a prick and accept the match. Cena is doing some really good work here. It ends with Kane chokeslamming Cena for some reason. 
  • Matt Hardy speaks to a giraffe imbued with the spirit of George Washington.
  • Miz is not happy about the shit he is having to put up with at Mania. He runs down Balor and Rollins, calling them Tyler Black and Prince Nevitt. Not sure if the mispronunciation was on purpose. Balor Club beat Miztourage.
  • There is a training video with Angle and Rousey where she talks about her path to WWE. It was well done.
  • The main event is Ultimate Deletion, which Michael Cole apologises for before it starts. Apparently Vince thought it would be a bomb. It wasn't. While it may not quite have had the charm of the earlier incarnations, it was far less watered down than I was expecting. It had all of the things that you would expect, from Skarsgard to Senor Benjamin, and it even had callbacks to Wyatt's feud with Orton. It was pretty good actually. If you weren't a fan of the previous Deletions, you won't be a fan of this either.
  • Raw continues to churn along on the road to WrestleMania.

  • Daniel Bryan is back and he is cleared to return to action. He cut a promo about it that served as a sort of companion piece to his retirement speech two years ago. He spoke with passion and real emotion and it was really nice to hear. 
  • Nakamura once again beat Rusev in another good match. After the match Rusev Day attack Nakamura and Styles takes so long to help him that Nakamura fights them off by himself. Subtle heel work from Styles.
  • Natalya and Charlotte have a conversation that sounded like two aliens trying to speak like people. Natalya doesn't appear to understand how language works.
  • Baron Corbin beat Tye Dillinger.
  • Natalya beat Charlotte after Carmella teased a cash in. The match was solid. 
  • The Usos cut another good promo before Jimmy loses to Harper. Good booking to keep the Bludgeons looking strong.
  • Jinder, Orton and Roode have a chat to build up their Mania match. It was fine but I'm not really up for the match at all. 
  • Naomi & Becky Lynch defeated Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan. It was only there to put over the battle royal. 
  • The final segment saw Daniel Bryan fire Owens & Zayn for their actions last week. They then proceeded to brutalise him, finishing with the apron powerbomb. Bryan got some good hope spots in but the 2-on-1 was too much. It was a great way to end the show. 
  • Smackdown went by pretty quickly this week. It wasn't bad at all. Natalya's human impersonation aside.

  • The show opened with a match to continue the Itami/Tozawa vs Lucha House Party feud, this time Itami vs Dorado. As the rest of it has been, this was good. Itami picked up the win. 
  • Alexander talked about earning his spot at Mania.
  • TJP beat Kenneth Johnson. It wasn't very good.
  • We are getting Tozawa vs Kalisto vs TJP vs Murphy in a 4-way next week. 
  • The main event saw Mustafa Ali beat Drew Gulak to book his place in the final at Mania. The match was very good and the match at Mania should be great if it's given enough respect. 
  • Another good showing from 205 Live, albeit not quite as good as previous weeks. 

  • We kick off the show with the world's biggest dickhead, in a good way, Tommaso Ciampa. He finally gets to speak, saying 'He's gone'. He rips up a Gargano sign but Gargano was the one holding it and he attacks Ciampa. Security splits them up. This match has had a superb build up. 
  • Roderick Strong has a partner for the Dusty Classic and it's Pete Dunne. They beat Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch in a really good match. Lorcan and Burch have good potential as a team. 
  • Ember Moon squashed Aliyah to give her some momentum heading in to TakeOver.
  • Almas and Vega ain't in the mood for Raul Mendoza so they attack him on the way to the ring. They then talk some shit about Aleister Black. 
  • The main event saw Adam Cole beat Kassius Ohno in a good match. It gives Cole a bit of a rub heading in to the TakeOver show. 
  • I really liked this week's NXT. It might not have anything that was must see but everything on the show was worthwhile and the wrestling was good. No wasted time.

Show of the Week - NXT

None of the shows were bad this week, which is good heading in to Mania/TakeOver. NXT takes the prize this week for having the best use of its time.