This Week In WWE

  • John Cena and The Miz started the show. Cena said Miz couldn't win against against Lesnar. Miz said that he has beaten Reigns so he can beat Lesnar. Logic. They end up getting put in a match where the loser enters the Elimination Chamber first, which Cena wins. It was a good match though. 
  • The Revival beat The Club. They appear to be trading wins as there is nothing better for them to do.
  • Ronda Rousey will sign her contract at Elimination Chamber. Apparently ticket sales have been bad and they think this will help. After all there is nothing more thrilling than watching someone sign their name.
  • Seth Rollins managed to talk his way into the second chance 4-way main event. Apparently asking the crowd is a sensible business strategy.
  • Bayley beat Sasha Banks in a really good match. If it were up to me this would be the Raw title match at Mania. It will provide the best match and has the best story. Nia Jax turned up and went on a rampage.
  • The Bar remind Rollins that all of his tag partners get injured.
  • Rose and Deville beat Bliss and James in a match that was solid for what it was. 
  • Elias sang a song but Braun turned up with a double bass and played a song of his own. It was great. Braun is way more entertaining than I think anyone expected. Braun then murdered Elias with the bass.
  • Roman Reigns beat Sheamus in a fun hard hitting match. The result was never in doubt though. 
  • Ivory is heading to the Hall of Fame. Well deserved.
  • The fatal 5-way main event was fun. They did go with the old Dusty finish though, with both Rollins and Balor pinning Wyatt at the same time. They later revealed on Twitter that it would be a 7 man Chamber match. 
  • Raw was pretty good this week. 

  • Ziggler is out to start the show. Corbin's music hits but he isn't there as he is being battered by Owens & Zayn. They make their way to the arena and take out Ziggler too. It was a decent start. At least Shane and Bryan weren't all over it.
  • Charlotte beat Sarah Logan in a distinctly average match. 
  • Shane and Bryan have a conversation about Owens and Zayn. Shane books Owens vs Corbin and Zayn vs Ziggler. If Corbin or Ziggler win they are in the title match at Fastlane. This booking is so convoluted and nonsensical. 
  • Corbin beats Owens in a very average match. That makes the title a 4-way.
  • Roode wants Orton to accept the US Title Open Challenge because he is sick of him jumping everyone. Orton and Mahal both come out to chat shit. What the world needs is more matches involving Orton and Mahal. 
  • New Day turn up and say that Big E will eat 100 pancakes. He doesn't. Gable and Benjamin arrive and claim that nobody likes pancakes. That is clearly nonsense. We have an entire day based on it here in the UK, which was, coincidentally, this Tuesday. They then threw some pancakes around. It was an awful segment.
  • That scenario led to a match that was also pointless. New Day won.
  • There will be yet another 6-woman tag match next week. I. Don't. Care.
  • The Usos cut a promo that was so good that it made the Bludgeon Brothers smash a TV.
  • Dolph beat Sami Zayn in a good main event and now he is in the title match at Fastlane too. The two main events of the PPVs have a combined 12 people in them. There is some lazy booking going on. 
  • A few years ago I was at a restaurant in Spain and I saw a drunken captain crash a boat into the dock. That is what watching Smackdown is like. 

  • The show kicks off with a really good match between Mark Andrews and Akira Tozawa, which surprisingly Andrews won. This tournament is the best thing in the company right now. 
  • We will be treated to Jack Gallagher vs Mustafa Ali next week. Drake Maverick tells Gallagher to get some real wrestling gear. He has a point.
  • Buddy Murphy vs Ariya Daivari will be the last first round match. Murphy has been getting some praise as of late so I look forward to seeing what he can do in singles action.
  • The main event between Drew Gulak and Tony Nese was great. They were given a good amount of time to shine and they took advantage of it. We got nasty Drew Gulak, who is great, and a different side to Nese. More of this will be very much appreciated. Gulak picked up the win. 
  • 205 Live was highly entertaining once again. 

  • NXT kicked off with a great UK Title match between Pete Dunne and Roderick strong. Judging by how the main event ended this should have probably been in that spot. Excellent way to start. 
  • Velveteen Dream will face No Way Jose next week. 
  • Aleister Black arrives, and he looks natty as fuck in his suit. He wants the NXT Title. Killian Dain turns up and he wants the title too. They insist they will stop each other. That should be a great match. 
  • TM-61 beat a couple of chumps.
  • The main event was the Ember Moon vs Shayna Baszler rematch but it never really got going. Baszler tried to remove the arm of Moon, which brought out Kairi Sane for the save, and ended this match by DQ. It was good for what it was and it continued the story going forward. 
  • Overall this was a fun show, though I do think the UK Title match should have headlined. 

Show of the Week - 205 Live

205 Live gets the hattrick. Who saw this coming a month ago? This tournament has been the wake up call that this show needed and has provided us with a bunch a good or better matches. Long may it continue.