This Week In WWE

  • I have a full review for Raw here and it would be safe to say that I wasn't a fan. They had an opportunity with the 25th Anniversary show to do something special and they fucked it up big time.

  • Owens and Zayn open the show again. They are doing a great job of playing the heels even if the storyline isn't setting the world alight. I am still unsure what they are going for with Daniel Bryan.
  • Chad Gable beat Jey Uso in a good match. This probably means that the Usos are retaining at the Rumble.
  • Naomi beat Liv Morgan. It was more of a reason to give the women's division the big brawl to build to the Rumble though.
  • Nakamura says he is winning the Rumble. Corbin also makes this claim. One of them may be right, and it's not the giant version of the Crypt Keeper.
  • They have a match that Nakamura wins by DQ after Orton hits an RKO outta nowhere. He may be as boring as the newest season of the Walking Dead but Orton can hit his finisher better than anyone.
  • The New Day beat Rusev Day and Jinder Mahal. The match was decent for how short it was.
  • The main event saw Styles wrestle Owens and Zayn in back to back matches. He beat Owens in short order due to injury but lost a long, and very good, match against Zayn. The story was well told. 
  • Smackdown was far better this week and it actually built to the PPV, unlike Raw.

  • 205 Live was surprisingly good. 
  • Enzo has relinquished the title as he no longer has a job. They will reveal a new GM for 205 Live next week, who will update the title situation. 
  • The opening match between masked wrestlers ans non masked wrestlers was fun. Team mask won. TJP cries again so Nese tells him to fuck off. Fair enough.
  • Drew Gulak wants a new dawn for 205 Live. The loss of Enzo should be good for Gulak.
  • Hideo Itami and Jack Gallagher continued their rivalry. It was an okay match that Itami won but the heel gimmick isn't working for Gallagher.
  • The main event was between Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali and it may have been the best match of the week. Both of these guys are excellent wrestlers and I hope that they start letting the cruiserweights have more matches like this. It is the only way they can get back on track.

  • NXT was strangely subdued this week. It was still watchable but it didn't feel quite as well executed as a go home show normally does.
  • Two of the three matches were short matches with very little on the line. No Way Jose beat Cesar Bononi and Bianca Belair beat Latoya. 
  • There is an interview with Shayna Baszler and Ember Moon. There is some unnecessary music laid over it, don't do it again. The segment was fine but didn't really add a great deal to the match.
  • We get part 2 of the TM-61 video. It was really good. Videos like this are a great way to get over returning stars. Well played. 
  • AoP were supposed to have a match but they just murdered some fools and threatened to eat the Undisputed Era. Or something like that.
  • The main event saw Gargano put his title shot on the line against Velveteen Dream. The match was very good, as expected, and Gargano won to head into the title match with some momentum. 

Show of the Week - Smackdown

I was tempted to go for 205 Live here but I went for Smackdown as the improvement was so noticeable from recent weeks.