WWE Smackdown Recap (31st October 2017)

Shane starts the show by hyping up Survivor Series. He says that they attacked Raw because Raw always treated them like the inferior brand. I didn't really see that but OK. Sounds like a bitch excuse to me. He says that Stephanie is a witch and the draft was stacked against them. Both of those things are true. They formulated a plan and executed it. Daniel Bryan went to Raw and was disrespected by Kane. Raw will pay for that. Angle can bring his gold medals and his monster, Shane will bring Orton and 3 of his best. I would take Braun 100% of the time over Orton. 

Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler (Survivor Series Qualifier, 2/3 Falls) - Ziggler picked up fall one with a superkick. Roode used a sunset flip to level it at 1-1. Roode won the match with the Glorious DDT. This was much better than their previous match. They did some good work on the whole.

Roode cuts a promo about Survivor Series. He seems up for it.

New Day are wandering about backstage handing out candy. Big E is dressed like Akeem, Xavier as Jimmy Hart and Kofi as Brother Love. Rusev is not happy about their actions, or Halloween, and dumps out their candy. Big E ain't a happy bunny. Rusev will wrestle Big E tonight. 

Becky Lynch gives gives a pep talk to the women's division but Natalya turns up and acts like an arsehole, telling them that they have a weak link.

Baron Corbin vs Sin Cara - Third week in a row for this gem of a match. This one, like the others, is short but unlike the others this has some entertainment value. Corbin tries to rip Cara's mask off but this pisses Sin Cara off immensely and he beats the living piss out of Corbin, brawling on the announce table and throwing an office chair at him. Braun will not be happy that he stole his thing. Corbin runs away from Sin Cara. I'm not really sure what they are going for here

The Usos are doing an interview when Gable and Benjamin show up. They say that they have a title match next week and Gable does some rap-esque stuff. 

Jinder Mahal claims that he will victimise Lesnar and will be known as the Beastmaster. There was a movie called Beastmaster and, much like Jinder, it was terrible.

AJ Styles vs Samir Singh - Styles won in 30 seconds. Easy day at the office.

Mahal attacks Styles and hits a couple of Khallas' for good measure. I hate Jinder and everything that he stands for. 

Sami and Owens are having a chat. They complain about Shane and Sami moans about losing to a low blow last week, the joke being that he won that way the previous week. Entertaining as always. 

Promo for the Bludgeon Brothers.

Aiden English sings a song about Halloween not being a patch on Rusev Day. 

Rusev vs Big E - This was a solid match. Rusev won after some distractions from everyone at ringside. 

Sin Cara is interviewed and he says something about the mask being part of him. It's hard to be sure because the mask makes him sound like he is mumbling. 

Aiden English meets with Shane and asks him how he is celebrating this holiday. Shane asks if he means Halloween. English say no and Rusev bursts in and shouts 'RUSEV DAY!'. Shane says he can earn a place on the Smackdown Survivor Series team next week, if he beats AJ Styles. Rusev is a treasure.

It's Strangerer Things time. Fandango is Hopper, Breeze is Eleven. Viktor is Barb. Tye Dillinger is dressed as another Eleven but says that he is Ten. Konnor turns up dressed as Kane so they attack him. The lights flash on the bulletin board and highlight the Bludgeon Brothers. The lights go out and everyone gets a beating. The briefcase is back, along with a video of a puppet that is reminiscent of Billy from Saw. He says 'let the games begin'. 

Kevin Owens vs Shinsuke Nakamura (Survivor Series Qualifier) - This was a really good main event, as is to be expected from these two. They kept the crowd interested throughout. After interference by Sami and Orton, Nakamura picked up the win with the Kinshasa. I would figure that Owens and Sami will be interfering in the main event of Survivor Series. 

Overall Thoughts

This was a far easier show to watch than Raw. The wrestling was better and there was no Stephanie McMahon, both plus points. Rusev continues to be a joy to watch, as do Sami and Owens.