WWE Smackdown Recap (14th November 2017)

The show starts with Shane pumping up the Smackdown locker room. He says that Raw may well retaliate tonight. After Sunday they will go from the B shoe to THE show. Everyone says that aren't afraid of their Raw opponents.

We get get a recap of Daniel Bryan getting attacked in the dark by Kane a few weeks ago on Raw. 

Bryan is out and he says that Smackdown has more heart than Raw. Raw is scared and that's why they added HHH to their Survivor Series team. He then brings out AJ Styles. Bryan says that Styles deserves an advocate of his own and starts a promo in a Paul Heyman style. He says that Lesnar has a tendency to quit, he quit WWE and he quit to a half-assed kneebar on a UFC show. He says that Lesnar can only last 10 minutes, after that he will start to quit. You should watch Survivor Series because you will see Lesnar mentally beaten, mentally victimised and mentally conquered. Styles takes the mic and says that, unlike Brock, he isn't a puppet and can talk. He will beat Lesnar, show everyone that Smackdown is the A show and this is the house that AJ Styles built. That was a strong opening segment. Bryan was great here.

Baron Corbin vs Sin Cara (US Title) - This was better than I expected. Admittedly my expectations were pretty low. Sin Cara showed some fight but Corbin picked up the win with the End of Days.

We get a video recap of the whole Raw vs Smackdown escapade. 

Shane meets with Bryan and says that the key to victory is cohesion. Bryan agrees and says that is why they will talk but only after Survivor Series. Bryan is not happy with Shane.

Natalya vs Charlotte Flair (Smackdown Women's Title) - Charlotte is over like rover as this is her hometown. This was a fun match. Charlotte actually won in her hometown. It makes sense as she will likely beat Bliss on Sunday as she would have otherwise had to lose to Asuka, and we wouldn't wanna waste that.

After the match Charlotte gets emotional while thanking everyone and especially her dad. As she is walking back up the ramp Ric comes out to a great ovation. This is Flair Country. 

We get a Bludgeon Brothers promo. Apparently they are keeping the gimmick.

Jimmy Uso vs Chad Gable - There wasn't a great deal to this. There was some outside shenanigans and Jimmy picked up the win.

Owens and Zayn are in the locker room. They are annoyed that they aren't facing the Shield . That would be a tasty match, especially if their partner was Rusev.

New Day say that the Shield have 13 title reigns between them but New Day has 27, most of which are Kofi. They run down the Shield and say that they will win on Sunday. I doubt it, but the match should be great.

New Day vs Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn -  The match is going along nicely before the Shield make their presence felt.

It looks like Owens and Zayn will help out the Shield but they bail and the Shield attacks. Usos come to help New Day but Cesaro and Sheamus are here. We cut to backstage where the Raw women's roster beats the shit out of the Smackdown women. More of the Raw roster come out followed by the Smackdown locker room. They are having a relatively even brawl until.....BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNN!!!!!! He walks out and murders everything in sight. Shane tries to fight Braun, because he is a lunatic, and it goes exactly as well as you would expect. Shane then receives a couple of triple powerbombs and an Angle Slam for his troubles. Raw stands tall before the PPV. That was an excellent way to finish the show. It was obvious that it was going to happen but they executed it well and Braun came off looking like the true game changer on Sunday.

Overall Thoughts

You know what? This show flew by. There is nothing on this show that was bad. Some of it was great, some of it was alright, but nothing was bad. A more sensible go home show than Raw and a good watch overall.