WWE Smackdown Recap (3rd October 2017)

Renee Young is in the ring and introduces Shinsuke Nakamura. He says that he doesn't let Jinder's insults get to him and that he will have the last laugh when he takes the title on Sunday. The Singh Brothers come out to introduce Jinder but he sneaks up from behind for the cheap shot. Nakamura fights back but the numbers game is too much and Jinder leaves Nakamura laying with the Khallas. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary but it was much better than having to sit through another week of Jinder's comedy act.

Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch vs Natalya & Carmella - This was alright but it never really got above second gear. Natalya made Charlotte tap out to the Sharpshooter. I'm not sure why the challenger is tapping out days before a title match but there you go.

There is a Shane vs Owens video package.

Bobby Roode vs Mike Kanellis - These two had a match 5 weeks ago. I think it was the last match Roode had on Smackdown. Roode won that one in about 6 minutes, he won this one in under a minute.

After the match Ziggler comes out and tests out some entrances for HIAC. He does a siren, a bass drum, some noisemakers and an air horn. He's trying to be annoying and he is. He says that Roode can have as flashy an entrance as he likes but once the bell rings he can't compete. Roode does his pose and the crowd chant 'Glorious'. I hope they turn Roode heel again soon because he is too smug to be a babyface.

The Usos are out to read the New Day their rights. They say that this Sunday there will be no BootyOs, rainbows or trombones. The Hell In A Cell is like the Uso Penitentiary, they have got the entire tag division on lock. New Day comes down and says that they would normally be out selling merch, such as the New Day underwear that is now available. They say that they made people realise how good the Smackdown tag division could be, stealing the show on a regular basis. They may be battered and bruised but they are the champions. This was a good promo segment and the match will almost certainly be excellent.

Jinder says that Nakamura underestimated his intelligence and will lose on Sunday. 

We will have to wait til HIAC for the return of Fashion Files.

Baron Corbin vs Tye Dillinger - This was an average match. It wasn't bad but it never felt like it had any real direction. Dillinger won with a roll up, because nobody can get a win before a title match apparently.

After the match, Styles mocks Corbin for losing. He says that he won't be able to take shortcuts this Sunday.

There is a Susan G. Komen segment, like the one on Raw.

Randy Orton vs Aiden English - Rusev is out with English. This was a short match, 90 seconds or so. Orton won with a great looking pop-up RKO. 

Sami Zayn meets with Shane and tells him that Owens has snapped. Shane appreciates the advice but doesn't really listen.

Shane is in the ring and calls out Owens. Owens doesn't come out so he calls him a coward. He says that the match this Sunday will be Falls Count Anywhere, which guarantees it will be going outside of the cell. Way to telegraph your matches. Owens arrives through the crowd but decides not to enter the ring. Shane says that if Owens won't come to him, he will go into the crowd after Owens. Owens lured Shane into the concourse and beat him around a bit before powerbombing him through the merch table. It looked like Shane sandbagged him on it. Owens returned to the ring and says that Shane will have an even rougher night this Sunday. He will powerbomb Shane until he can't remember his kids names. He says that Shane won't need to jump off the cell because he will throw him off. Shane returns and makes a brief comeback before Owens beats him some more and hits the pop-up powerbomb. Owens was really good here, Shane was not. I don't think that they needed to add a stipulation to the match but we will have to see how it goes.

Overall Thoughts

There wasn't much to this to be honest. They tried to build to the PPV this Sunday but none of it really hit home that well. Also, there was a total of 15 minutes of wrestling on the show.