WWE Smackdown Recap (17th October 2017)

Michael Cole is replacing Tom Phillips for a few weeks. 

Daniel Bryan is out to start the show. He outlines what is booked for tonight and says that he wants to address Sami Zayn. Zayn comes out, dancing like he doesn't have a care in the world. Daniel Bryan isn't happy about it. Sami says that he is still a great guy, he just took ownership of his own career. He says that it feels great and Bryan should take ownership of his own career. If he would have worked smarter rather than working harder he wouldn't have had to retire to become a housewife. Owens arrives. Owens says he is happy for Sami. He calls Bryan a pathetic martyr and says that he has become something worse, a hypocrite. Bryan says that Owens only thinks about himself but he thinks about the fans. Owens cuts him off and says that it isn't the fans he thinks of, it's what's best for business. Daniel Bryan has become the authority. Kevin Owens makes good points. Sami agrees with this assessment and calls Bryan a sell out. Daniel Bryan walks out and Owens asks him where he is going. Bryan says that he is going to find some guys to punch them in the face. This was a great way to open the show. Sami is really sinking his teeth into the heel role and it is paying off nicely. The best type of heel is one that believes he is doing the right thing and is believable in the way he puts that forward, and Sami is nailing it. 

Natalya, Lana & Tamina vs Naomi, Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch - This was a decent match. The crowd was in to it so that helped. The face team picked up the win when Charlotte tapped out Lana with the Figure Eight. After the match Natalya tries to do another chair attack but fails.

Bryan runs into Owens and Zayn and tells them that their opponents will be Orton and Nakamura.

It's time for Pulp Fashion, which we didn't get last week. They do a bunch of Pulp Fiction references. The Ascension says that 2B is clearly the Bludgeon Brothers. Breeze takes a bite of a burger and passes out. Fandango says that he is allergic to pickles. They tease the adrenaline shot to the heart but Breeze wakes up. He says the bun was disgusting. The Ascension says that it was gluten free but Breezango loves gluten. Me too Breezango, me too. The ascension want to be friends.

Baron Corbin vs Sin Cara - Sin Cara won by countout in 60 seconds. That was that. Next. I reckon Corbin will murder him next week.

The Usos are doing a promo backstage when Gable and Benjamin show up. They do a weird version of the Uso promo. It was pretty bad. They then give the Usos the old fake handshake and leave.

The Bludgeon Brothers will bring the bludgeoning.

Jinder Mahal is here with the Singh Brothers. Can't say I missed him last week. He says that while he was in India he spoke to a wise boy who told him that he had beaten everyone on the smackdown roster so he is here to challenge someone who is seen as unbeatable, Brock Lesnar. AJ Styles arrives to tell him that he is a mental. He says that Mahal hasn't beaten him and challenges him to a title match. Mahal says that Styles is a loser and doesn't deserve a title shot. Styles attacks all three men and clears house. Well, Mahal vs Lesnar has raging dumpster fire written all over it. On one hand I want Styles to be champion, on the other hand I don't want him anywhere near Mahal.

Mahal tells Daniel Bryan that Sunil will challenge Styles next week. Great.

Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler - Pretty rubbish effort. Ziggler won with the assistance of the tights. I don't care about this feud at all. 

Brock Lesnar will respond to Jinder on Raw next week. 

Aiden English is singing backstage and gets irritated at some people on their phone. New Day arrive and annoy English. Rusev then arrives and claims that it is Rusev day again. Woods plays Rusev's entrance music on the trombone but Rusev doesn't appreciate it. English tries to cheer him up by singing the Rusev day song but Rusev tells him that it's not the time.

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs Randy Orton & Shinsuke Nakamura - Really good main event between 4 wrestlers capable of putting on great matches when they bring their working boots. Sami picked up the win with a low blow followed by a Helluva Kick. 

After the match Owens and Zayn make fun of Bryan, asking him if that is the best he has and wondering what type of match he will put them in next week. Bryan says it's not up to him as Shane McMahon will return next week. 

Overall Thoughts

This was a pretty good show overall. The Ziggler vs Roode match was rubbish and I in no way want to see Mahal vs Lesnar but the rest of the show was fun and Owens/Zayn is my favourite thing on either show.