WWE Raw Recap (9th October 2017)

We kick off the show with the Miz presenting the Mizzies. I don't know how often they are presented but it seems sporadic. Curtis Axel wins an award and dedicates it to Bo Dallas, who is not here because he is recovering. Sheamus & Cesaro win best supporting actor awards. Miz gives himself an award for being the true big dog of the WWE and dedicates it to his unborn child. Reigns makes his way out. Miz says that he won't come to the ring because it's 4 against 1. He says that the rumours of the Shield reuniting are all hype. Reigns says that they aren't rumours and he is joined by Ambrose and Rollins. They make their way to the ring and clear house. They all hit their individual finishers, then hit the triple powerbomb on Miz. We then get the Shield fist bump. Really strong way to open the show. Miz was great, the Bar were great, and the Shield were great.

Jason Jordan vs Karl Anderson - This was a solid match, nothing more than that. Jordan picked up the win that he needed.

The Miz is being attended to backstage when Angle walks in and tells him it will be Miz & The Bar vs The Shield in a TLC match at TLC. The Shield have had one TLC match before and it was fantastic. And that match involved Ryback so I have high hopes for this one.

Elias vs Apollo Crews - For some reason this feud is still ongoing. And guess what? Elias won again. That makes the score Elias 53-0 Apollo.

Enzo comes out and runs his mouth about the cruiserweights and he wants to know why Kalisto is getting a title shot. Angle comes out and Enzo goes full on delusional. He tells Angle that he is the biggest star on the roster and if Angle wants to keep his job he better keep him happy. Angle says he does want to keep him happy, so Enzo won't have to defend the title against Kalisto at TLC because that match will take place tonight. Enzo says that he wants the match to be the main event. Angle agrees but makes it a lumberjack match.

Braun Strowman vs Matt Hardy - Decent match. Hardy tries his best to get the best of Strowman but it was like attacking a house and he ended up dead.

After the match Strowman decides he wants to keep Hardy and carries him up the ramp. The Shield aren't happy about this and decide to give him a triple powerbomb through the announce table.

Charly interviews the Shield and they say they are here to take on the world.

Mickie James is out to address Alexa Bliss being a bitch over the last few weeks. She says that Bliss runs and hides behind Nia Jax. She tells Bliss that it's time for her to get out of her booster seat and put on her big girl pants. Bliss comes out and apologises, saying that she has made a video honouring James. It is a black and white newsreel type video making fun of Mickie's age. It's really well done but the Mickie is old thing is daft. For the record Mickie is 38. To put that in context Asuka is 36, Nakamura is 37, Styles is 40 and so is Cena. Mickie attacks Bliss and stands tall.

Sasha Banks and Bayley meet with Kurt Angle. They both want the match with Asuka at TLC. Alicia Fox wants more shirts and also wants the match. Dana wants the match too and so does Emma. Angle books a 5-way match between them for the right to become a corpse. Nia Jax didn't ask for a match, presumably because she can still remember the last match with her and wants no more of that shit.

Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali vs Jack Gallagher & Brian Kendrick - Not very good. It's only purpose appeared to be to eat time. The heels won.

Miz meets with Angle to convince him to allow a 4th member on his team at HIAC. Angle doesn't want to but Miz convinces him by telling him that Ambrose said the Shield could beat 4 men. Miz says he has already found the 4th man. Angle asks who it is and Braun kicks the door off to reveal that it's him. Miz looks smug and Angle realises he done fucked up.

Finn Balor is here to talk about Bray Wyatt and Sister Abigail. He says Wyatt is a poison, a virus. He isn't scared of him. Bray appears on the tron and says that Balor may not be afraid of him but he will be afraid of her. Sister Abigail then speaks through Wyatt, who is now wearing a veil. I don't know what he/she said because I was laughing too much. That was a special kind of awful. Bray Wyatt started this year pretty fucking well but since the Orton feud he has been in an ever increasingly insane spiral of stupidity.

Sasha Banks vs Bayley vs Dana Brooke vs Alicia Fox vs Emma (Elimination Match, Winner Faces Asuka at TLC) - It's a weird situation to see 5 people wrestle for the right to be murdered. The match wasn't very good. It was pretty damn sloppy. Emma will be the sacrificial offering.

Balor tries to make the Wyatt/Sister Abigail nonsense seem like it's worth paying attention. It isn't. 

Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns will meet in a cage match next week.

Enzo Amore vs Kalisto (Cruiserweight Title, Lumberjack Match) - Well, this was the best match on the show. Yes you read that right. Enzo and Kalisto, best match on a show. Having said that it wasn't like it was particularly great. It's just that the rest of the matches were even worse. There is nice spot where Kalisto suplexes Enzo into the lumberjacks. In a surprising turn of events Kalisto won the match and is the new Cruiserweight champion. We will have to see where they go from here. 

Overall Thoughts

Weird show this. The matches weren't very good but the promo segments were all entertaining, with the exception of the whole Bray Wyatt demonic possession/split personality/flakka abuse. The Shield reunion was great and the Miz was as fantastic as always.