WWE Raw Recap (2nd October 2017)

The show starts with a moment of silence for the victims of the Las Vegas shootings. 

Braun Strowman vs Seth Rollins - It's always nice to start with a match, and it's even nicer when it's pretty good. Rollins used his speed to avoid getting murdered by Braun but he is just delaying the inevitable. Braun wins with the massive powerslam. 

After the match Braun hits another powerslam and Ambrose makes the save. Well, I say save but what actually happened was that he also got murdered. 

Cesaro (who has an amazing new shirt) and Sheamus come down and mop up the mess. 

Mickie James is backstage and Emma makes fun of her age and says that she has a secret admirer. She has been given a box of adult diapers. Hahaha, fuck off. This is 1970s, man in a dress levels of comedy. James tries to find Alexa Bliss but Nia Jax is apparently protecting her again. Okay. James will have a match with Jax.

Bray Wyatt sits in a chair and rambles nonsensically. He says Sister Abigail wouldn't lie to him. Take your meds Bray.

Elias vs Titus O'Neil - Elias sings a song about Denver, it's very Alice in Chains-esque. His gimmick actually works better on the main roster than it did in NXT. Having said that, this match wasn't very good. In fact, it was just plain bad. Elias won with the Drift Away.

Mickie James vs Nia Jax - Sometimes Nia looks like she is improving well and sometimes she looks awful. This was the latter. It was a slow, boring match that James won by DQ when Bliss ran in. After the match James lays out Bliss.

Renee Young asks Enzo how he feels about the entire cruiserweight division attacking him last week. He says nothing, just stands there looking like he is about to cry. I'm not sure what they are going for here.

Mickie James wants to be the new Raw women's champion. Her Fairy GodAngle appears and gives her a match at TLC.

Matt Hardy & Jason Jordan vs Anderson & Gallows - A change of gear for Jordan, he has elected to drop the singlet. Solid tag match. It had no peaks and valleys but the work was decent. The Good Brothers picked up the win with the Magic Killer, pinning Hardy.

Reigns is asked about Ambrollins getting destroyed by Braun. He says that he isn't worried about them, they will sort it out. He is focused on taking the IC Title from Miz. 

Dana Warrior is out to make a Susan G. Komen presentation. Breast cancer awareness is incredibly important and I applaud WWE for doing their part. I do wonder though why they elect to partner with a charity as sketchy as Susan G. Komen as opposed to other charities.

The Miz vs Roman Reigns (IC Title) - Miz and the Miztourage make their entrance through the crowd. Top heel work, that. Reigns takes out Axel and Dallas straight away, leaving Miz alone, selling fear brilliantly. This was a really good match. Reigns currently faces the problem that Cena did for years, he is a much better wrestler than a lot of people are willing to admit because of the discontent at how he is presented. The match ended when The Bar interfere causing the DQ. 

After the match the heels all hit their finishers on Reigns. They go to leave but decide to hit a triple powerbomb. They then stand over Reigns and do the Shield fist bump. This is a much better 6-man team to face the Shield. The one thing I really hope they do is call the team Bar Mizvah. Really good post match segment.

Finn Balor is out. He doesn't like to talk, he likes to fight. He says Bray isn't a God, and he lost to both the demon and the man. Bray is afraid. Bray appears on the tron and says that he wants to see Balor's true face. He says that Sister Abigail is dying to meet Balor. Bray then turns into Sadako from The Ring and laughs. The laugh becomes feminine half way through. Is Sister Abigail finally going to show up? I honestly just want this feud to be over.

Sasha Banks & Bayley vs Emma & Alicia Fox - This was the longest match on the entire show and it really, really shouldn't have been. It felt like it went on for a week. It was very boring. The faces won when Bayley hit the Bayley-to-belly on Fox. 

For the second week in a row we are finishing the show with the cruiserweights. Enzo is out to cut his usual promo. He says that he puts butts in seat and made 205 Live relevant. He says that he has charisma and athleticism. He'd show everyone how fast his feet are but his back hurts from carrying the cruiserweight division. He reiterates that none of the cruiserweights can challenge him for the title due to them all breaking the non-contact clause. The rest of the division surrounds the ring and Enzo runs them all down. Kurt Angle comes down and says that he signed someone to the cruiserweight division to challenge Enzo. It's Kalisto. He runs to the ring and attacks Enzo, hitting the Salida del Sol. The segment was fine but when Angle said that he had signed someone the fans were expecting somebody else. They didn't really care about Kalisto. It would have been a good way to debut Hideo Itami. 

Okay, so technically that wasn't the end of the show as we cut to Reigns in the locker room. He is nursing his wounds when Ambrose and Rollins show up. Nobody says a word, they just look at each other and nod. The crowd loses their mind. 

Overall Thoughts

This was an average show. The parts with Miz, the Bar and Reigns are worth checking out but there isn't a great deal of other memorable stuff on offer.