WWE Smackdown Recap (19th September 2017)

We start with a recap of Owens kicking the shit out of Vince from last week. Vince apparently suffered 3 broken ribs.

Shane is out. He calls Owens a coward. He says that last week his kids were forced to watch their grandfather get his ass beat. Shane says that when you attack when one member of the McMahons is attacked, the rest strike back with great vengeance. He condemns Kevin Owens. It was an alright promo. I'm not sure if they planned it but it sounded a bit religiousy.

Randy Orton vs Aiden English - This was an average match, nothing you will remember after 15 minutes. Orton wins with an RKO.

Rusev turns up and says that he wants revenge on Orton for beating him in 10 seconds.

Randy Orton vs Rusev - Distraction by English, superkick, boom. 10 second revenge. So this is a feud of 10 second matches.

The Usos invoke their rematch clause and will face New Day at Hell In A Cell.

Rusev is over the moon with his win. Rusev number 1!

Jinder Mahal is here and, boy oh boy, he is racist as fuck. He says that Nakamura always 'rooks' the same, the Japanese eat cats and dolphins, and then calls him Mr Miyagi while the Singhs do karate moves. The fans chant 'that's too far'. Well, the 12 fans in attendance. So, if WWE had a history of dealing with race in a classy and subtle manner I would give them the benefit of the doubt here, and say that they are trying to make some sort of point, but they have the subtlety of a nuclear bomb. Jinder is like the 12 year old dickhead from a movie. I suppose most importantly it wasn't funny in the slightest. It was hot garbage.

Nakamura is interviewed about what just happened and says things won't be so funny at HIAC. They aren't funny now.

Styles cuts a promo saying that Owens has made a mistake, and also that Corbin is a shortcut taking dickbag that fails habitually. Tonight will be no different.

AJ Styles vs Baron Corbin (US Title) - Didn't start. Corbin attacks early but Tye Dillinger makes the save. Corbin has hurt his leg so Styles applies the calf crusher. Bell didn't ring though.

Corbin is pissed and says that he will have his vengeance, in this life or the next (I may be paraphrasing).

Charlotte is out to thank the fans for their support over the last few weeks. It was life and death but Ric Flair is making a recovery. It made her realise that she needs to make every moment count. Natalya comes out and tells Charlotte that she is holding a celebration of women, one woman in particular, herself. Charlotte is amused by that and challenges her to a title match. Becky Lynch arrives, she wants a title shot. Naomi arrives, says nothing. Tamina and Lana show up, Tamina wants a title shot. Natalya says that she isn't a crazy cat lady. Daniel Bryan arrives and books them in a fatal 4-way number one contenders match for the main event. As is always the case, WWE books a multi woman match. Can we not get something different, just once?

New Day vs Hype Bros - Usos on commentary, they were pretty good. Solid enough match. New Day won, as was expected, not much else to say.

Kevin Owens joins us via satellite. He says that he doesn't know what came over him last week. He apologises but says that Shane had it coming. He says that in that moment he didn't see Vince, he saw Shane. He apologises in advance for what he'll do to Shane at HIAC.

Hype Bros are backstage and Mojo says that he is sick of losing. He says that they will need to do something drastic to turn around their fortunes. Ryder nods in agreement. Earnest Mojo is far better than PCP Mojo.

Dolph Ziggler is out to do his version of Stars In Their Eyes (that is my randomest reference ever). He does Triple H, Shawn Michaels and D-X. It's as pointless and nonsensical as usual. I swear he claims that HBK is all style and no substance. What?! This whole thing is terrible. Let's shoot Ziggler into the sun.

Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch vs Naomi vs Tamina (Number 1 Contenders) - This was a pretty good match, probably the best thing on the show. The SD women's division is way better with Charlotte on the show. Charlotte wins after a botched finish where Tamina wasn't in the right place. She's not very good. 

Overall Thoughts

Raw was a boring show but this was a fucking shambles. It was like they went to the production meeting and just said 'Let's do the same show as last week but worse'. Smackdown has a ton of great wrestlers but you wouldn't know it if you watched this show. Ziggler has done the exact same thing three weeks in a row while during that period Bobby Roode has been on the show zero times. The Jinder vs Nakamura build is fucking awful and Dolph Ziggler's new gimmick is absolute shit. If WWE wonders why the attendance figures are so terrible, it's because of garbage like this.