WWE Smackdown Recap (12th September 2017)

They are naming tonight's episode Sin City Smackdown. 

We kick off the show with Kevin Owens talking about how he going to sue WWE until Smackdown is no more. There will be a new show called Kevin Owens Presents The Kevin Owens Show Starring Kevin Owens. He says that when that show is up and running the first thing he will do is fire Sami Zayn. Then he will make Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton wear the same suit, not identical suits, two men in the same suit. He will also cancel the Fashion Files. He calls out Vince McMahon but Shane's music hits but it's just Dolph Ziggler pretending to be Shane. Ziggler then just leaves, as you do. Daniel Bryan then turns up to tell Owens that he still runs the show. He tells him that the fun and games will end soon enough. Owens says that when he is in charge, Bryan will be the janitor. Bryan says that Owens won't like what Vinnie Mac has to say. Owens doesn't give a shit. This was a good opening segment, Owens rant was funny.

They show an advert for No Mercy that is edited to make it appear that Reigns actually held his own in the Cena promos. He didn't.

AJ Styles vs Tye Dillinger (US Title) - Styles gave Dillinger this opportunity last week for absolutely no reason. This was a good match though. Baron Corbin made an appearance that distracted Styles, almost causing him to lose. Dillinger hit the Tye Breaker for a great near fall before Styles locked in the Calf Crusher for the win. 

Following the match Corbin attacked both Styles and Dillinger and said that he would be the one taking the open challenge next week.

Rusev is interviewed backstage. He says that he returned home after his loss to Orton but his family treated him like a loser. He knows what he has to do to put it right. It sounds like Rusev's family are dicks if I'm honest.

Jinder Mahal came out and what followed was an absolute fucking shit show. He showed pictures of Nakamura and made jokes about needing a shit. He then makes racially dubious jokes about Godzilla and a spastic Pikachu. He tells Nakamura that he will better off not being champion because he looks different and everyone is racist. I hope Road Dogg found this segment entertaining because nobody else did. It was an absolute bag of wank.

Kevin Owens is telling some guy in the back what he wants when he takes over when he spots Sami Zayn. He recalls a story about them wrestling in an armory in front of 42 people and vowing that they would make it to WWE to avoid doing that again. Sami remembers. Owens says that he will soon be in charge and Sami will be fired. 

The Usos vs New Day (SD Tag Titles, Sin City Street Fight) - Guess what? This was great (****). These two teams can't have bad matches against each other. They use the stipulation well, using kendo sticks, tables and chairs. It's the same high quality back and forth we are used to and New Day reclaim the title after hitting the Midnight Hour. 

Ronda Rousey is in the crowd for the Mae Young Classic final later tonight.

Natalya vs Naomi (SD Women's Title) - Carmella is on commentary with Ellsworth on a leash. The match was alright but it did have a predictable Carmella distraction finish that took away from it overall. Natalya wins with the Sharpshooter.

Owens meets with Aiden English about singing the theme tune for the Kevin Owens Show.

Dolph Ziggler comes out to make some more points about entrances not making a good wrestler. He does Bayley and the Ultimate Warrior this week. It is not good and I assume the point is to start a feud with Bobby Roode. 

Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin vs Hype Bros - This was fine. It was short so I didn't have to watch Mojo for too long. Team American Angle Alpha won with their variation of a Doomsday Device. They then tease a Hype Bros split again.

Vince and Bryan are chatting backstage.

Kevin Owens is in the ring waiting for Vince McMahon. Vince walks down in the way that only he can and he allows Owens to speak first. Owens claims Vince is intimidated. Vince says that he isn't intimidated, he is nauseated. Vince then runs Owens down, saying that he didn't fight back against Shane because he couldn't. He says that if Owens sues he will fire him. Which would surely result in another lawsuit. Logic. Vince says that the laws of the country favour people like him and if Owens files the suit he will end up bankrupt. Vince says that he suspended Shane because he didn't finish the job, Owens talked shit about the McMahon family and he got everything he deserved. Vince says that it will be Owens vs Shane inside Hell In A Cell. Owens says that's fine as long as he has Vince's word that he can beat a McMahon senseless. Vince agrees and they shake hands. They share a few choice words and Owens hits him with a BIG FUCKING HEADBUTT! Wow. This busts Vince open hardway. Owens then lays the boots in to Vince, hits a superkick and the frog splash. Owens walks out in a daze as Stephanie shouts at him, which he doesn't even react to. Vince tries to walk out under his own power but crumples on the ramp. That was fucking great. Vince was peak dickhead and Owens fully snapped and battered him. That headbutt was stiff as fuck. Tremendous way to close out the show.

Overall Thoughts

I thought that was a pretty good show on the whole. It hit a lull in the middle and that Jinder segment was complete trash but the opening segment up to and including the tag match was great fun and that closing segment was outstanding.