WWE Mae Young Classic Episode 7 Review

We are at the quarter final stage of the tournament and we have ourselves four intriguing matches on this episode.  Here are the updated graphics.

1/4 Final - Abbey Laith vs Mercedes Martinez

A nice back and forth match to kick off proceedings. It wasn't without fault but it did add some nice elements into the story, playing off Martinez's arm injury from the previous round. This allowed Laith more angle's of attack against her bigger, more experienced opponent. In the end though it was Martinez who picked up the win with the fisherman's buster. ***

1/4 Final - Candice LeRae vs Shayna Baszler

A classic speed vs power matchup. They start off quickly with Candice hitting her suicide dive DDT and then using her technical ability to transition from one submission to another. In the end though Candice made one mistake and Baszler reversed the Wild Ride into the rear naked choke and that's all she wrote. Baszler refuses to release the hold after the bell and then tries to kick Candice while she is being attended to. This was one of the best 3 minute matches you could hope to see. Candice was a great babyface and Baszler is now established as the real heel of the tournament. ***

1/4 Final - Toni Storm vs Piper Niven

I'm looking forward to this one. They start off with some excellent chain wrestling that included Storm maintaining a bridge with all of Niven's body weight on her and a great double bridge spot where they shake hands during it. The playfulness didn't last though as both women had their game face on. Storm kicked out of a Michinoku Driver before hitting a tremendous looking German suplex from the second round. She followed that up with a top rope leg drop to win a great match. ***3/4

They go to an interview with 3 of the MMA 4 Horsewomen. They are interrupted by the 4 Horsewomen of wrestling (minus Sasha Banks). Rousey tells them to name a time and a place. 

1/4 Final - Kairi Sane vs Dakota Kai

They start off friendly enough but that changes sharpish. Kai hits a big knee and a scorpion kick which annoys Sane, who hits a great looking spear. She starts to beat the shit out of Kai with chops and a double stomp for a near fall. Kai fights back with a big boot for a good 2 count. Kai tries to hit a double stomp but she misses and tweaks her knee. This would be the beginning of her downfall. She tried for another biog boot in the corner but Sane moved, causing Kai to bang up her knee on the top rope. This allowed Sane to hit an Alabama slam and that gorgeous tear drop elbow for the win. A good end to a really good show. ***1/2

Overall Thoughts

I would say that this is the best episode so far. All of the matches did what they set out to do and they did it well. The last 2 matches are really good. The semi finals are Merceedes Martinez vs Shayna Baszler and Kairi Sane vs Toni Storm.