WWE Mae Young Classic Episode 6 Review

The second night of round 2 action. It doesn't look quite as good on paper as episode 5 but that means nothing. Here are the updated brackets.

Round 2 - Toni Storm vs Lacey Evans

Storm beat Ayesha Raymond in round 1 and Evans beat Taynara Conti in a surprisingly good match. I thought this might be like Sane vs Belair from the previous episode but it wasn't. Instead of it being a match where a rookie pushed one of the favourites to their limit it was a reasonably short match where Storm picked up a reasonably easy victory. It wasn't bad but I know Storm is capable of much more than this. **1/2

Round 2 - Mia Yim vs Shayna Baszler

Baszler destroyed Zeda in round 1 and Yim won a really good match against Sarah Logan. This was a different type of match to what we have seen so far in this tournament with a host of stiff strikes. It was a fun match with both women looking strong. It do wish that it had gone a little while longer as it could have been really good. Baszler won after catching Yim in a choke off the top rope. ***

After the match finishes Baszler celebrates with the rest of the MMA 4 Horsewomen. She then got in a stare down with the WWE 4 Horsewomen. Commentary put over the possibility of this big time.

Round 2 - Rhea Ripley vs Dakota Kai

Ripley and Kai beat Miranda Salinas and Kavita Devi, respectively, in the previous round. This was a decent match that never got to a higher level than that. Ripley once again showed that she has got some good upside but will need more time to develop. Kai won with the double stomp and that was the right call as she should have a better match with Kairi Sane in the next round. **1/2

Round 2 - Candice LeRae vs Nicole Savoy

I'm not surprised that this was the main event of this show but I am surprised that it wasn't longer, and better. Nicole Savoy is better than she has been given the chance to show in this tournament, I'm not sure whether her recent return from injury had anything to do with it but she is isually a more dynamic performer. The match wasn't bad but it was quite short and the finish felt a bit flat. Candice won with the Wild Ride. ***

Overall Thoughts

Not as good as episode 5 as it didn't have that stand out match. The right people won all of the matches though. It was also nice to see the start to a possible 4 Horsewomen vs 4 Horsewomen showdown.