WWE Mae Young Classic Episode 5 Review

We are back. I'm anticipating some really good matches in this bunch of four episodes. Here is where we stand at this point. 

Round 2 - Rachel Evers vs Abbey Laith

Laith was impressive in her first round victory over Jazzy Gabert. Evers was involved in easily the worst match of round 1 against Marti Belle. Evers is more impressive here for sure. She looked good in her use of power moves, including a top rope powerslam that looked really nice. In the end Laith was able to fight through and won with the Alligator clutch. A fun sprint to start off the round and one that was better than I was anticipating. ***

Round 2 - Piper Niven vs Serena Deeb

Niven beat Santana Garrett in one of the best matches from round 1 while Deeb beat Vanessa Borne. This was another fun match. This is already more consistent than the first round. The story of the match was the power of Niven against the speed and experience of Deeb. It worked well. Niven picked up the win with a flash Michinoku Driver. Niven continues to impress and Deeb got in a lot before losing. ***

Round 2 - Princesa Sugehit vs Mercedes Martinez

These are the two most experienced wrestlers in the tournament with 38 years of combined experience. Martinez beat Xia Li in short order in round 1 while Princesa beat Kay Lee Ray. This match would have been better with Ray involved. This felt a touch disjointed. Not bad but certainly not memorable either. **1/2

Round 2 - Kairi Sane vs Bianca Belair

Sane won the best match of round 1 against Tessa Blanchard and Belair beat Sage Beckett. Sane is the best wrestler and the question is whether she would be able to have a great match with the inexperienced Belair. The answer is a resounding yes. Both women looked a million bucks here. The crowd was fully invested and they delivered. Belair's hair whip spot drew good heat and looked nasty. There was also a fantastic near fall after Belair hit a 450. Great stuff. In the end Sane won with the diving elbow. Sane is already a star but Belair came out of this looking pretty damn good herself. I really enjoyed this. ****

Overall Thoughts

Easily the best episode so far. That is to be expected now that some of the less experienced wrestlers have gone. That main event is really good too.