WWE Smackdown Recap (29th August 2017)

We kick the show off with the Singh Brothers introducing Jinder Mahal. Jinder cuts a promo that is pretty similar to any other promo he cuts, America treats me badly because I'm Asian etc. The crowd gives him the USA chants. The only real difference is at the end where the Singh Brothers start crying and apologising to Jinder for failing against Nakamura last week. They then beg to kiss Jinder's feet. It was weird. Nakamura broke up the foot fetish party and goes after the Singhs. The numbers game gets the better of him bringing out Orton. That in turn brings out Rusev and the heels stand tall. It wasn't exactly the best opening segment.

Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable vs The Ascension - Pretty good match for what is was. Shelton looked here. They could be a good team if they are kept together for long enough. Team Alpha won with Shelton picking up the win. 

Baron Corbin said that the only reason he failed in his MITB cash-in was because of Cena, who has ran away to Raw. He plans to take advantage of AJ Styles' US Title Open Challenge.

Styles is out for his open challenge. Tye Dillinger answers it but is cut off by Corbin. They have a shoving match before Dillinger manages to fight him off and take the opportunity.

AJ Styles vs Tye Dillinger (US Title) - This was a pretty action packed match, shame it only lasted 45 seconds. Styles won with the Calf Crusher. Following the match Corbin attacks Dillinger and tries to get to Styles but gets fought off easily. 

Jinder and Rusev have a bit of a chat. Jinder tries to be friendly with Rusev but he wants none of it. He says that they aren't friends and that he is coming for Jinder's title.

Bobby Roode vs Mike Kanellis - Roode gets his shit in and picks up a quick victory. It was a good step in establishing Roode and it is how his debut should have gone down. It doesn't look bright for Kanellis though. 

Aiden English is in the ring, doing his schtick, when Owens arrives. He tells English that the idiots in the arena won't understand his talent so he should leave. Owens rants about how he keeps getting screwed over by Shane, including how Shane decided to stop Baron Corbin making the count in the US Title match last week. Which, in fact, he did. All heels make good points. Maybe I'm actually a heel. Shane comes out and tells Owens that he picked a ref that was biased towards him, which is surely the point of picking your own ref, and that everyone was tired of hearing Owens complain. He told Aiden English to get back in the ring as he had a match.

Aiden English vs Sami Zayn - Owens was on commentary. He is incredibly wound up and decides that the referee isn't doing his job properly. He gets in the ring, steals the referee's shirt and decides that he is going to be the ref now. He then powerbombs Zayn and fast counts him. Not really a match, more of an extended segment. Owens losing his mind was entertaining enough.

Shane says that the previous match clearly won't count as Owens isn't a referee. 

Ziggler is interviewed and says that he isn't ready to unveil his gimmick change yet, he needs another week. He runs down a bunch of the roster including Elias, Stone Cold and Finn Balor, saying that the latter is a charisma vacuum. He also says that he might turn up as ZigMan. It's incredibly stupid, and terrible, but it did make me laugh a bit.

The Usos vs New Day (Winner gets to pick the stipulation for the title rematch) - Xavier Woods is out with a knee brace due to an injury sustained on a house show. This wasn't up to the standard of their recent PPV matches but part of that is due to advert breaks. It was quite a short match too. The Usos picked up the win via roll up while holding the tights. I am looking forward to their next title match though. 

Carmella is having a dig at James Ellsworth for having a big mouth. Ellsworth asks if Carmella received the flowers he sent. She said she did but they said 'with condolences' on them. She asks if he stole them from a funeral. He says it depends on what you mean by steal. Natalya says that if Carmella tries to cash in on her she will be the female Baron Corbin. Everyone is getting buried in promos this week. She says they have a match next week. Naomi then arrives and says she has her rematch in 2 weeks. 

Tamina vs Tina Stock - Terrible. Nobody in the crowd gives two shits about Tamina. In fact they cheer for the jobber. At least it's very short. 

Fashion Files Season 2 Premiere - This show is dragging quite a bit so I'm happy for the brief respite. They take a look at the new tech from the boys in the lab, which is all regular items. They discover that there is more to the 'Two B' clue. It's 'Two B or not Two B'. This leads them to believe that Aiden English is behind it. Not the best Fashion Files but it was better than most of the rest of the show.

Randy Orton & Shinsuke Nakamura vs Jinder Mahal & Rusev - This was very run of the mill. The faces won to big up their number 1 contenders match for next week. 

Following the match Orton hits a sneaky RKO on Nakamura.

Overall Thoughts

This wasn't a good show. It wasn't completely horrible but it did drag a lot. All of the matches were throwaway affairs with four of them being under three minutes long. Unlike Raw it had nothing you need to go out of your way to see.