WWE Raw Recap (31st July 2017)

Kurt Angle opens the show. He announces some matches and segments for tonight and goes to leave but Brock Lesnar decides to turn up. Heyman says that he sees what Angle is trying to do. He wants Lesnar to lose the title and that is why he put him in a fatal four way match at Summerslam. Heyman says that if Brock loses he is leaving the company. He says that he won't lose though. Decent opening segment that played off the possibility that Lesnar might leave to fight Jon Jones.

The Hardys vs Gallows & Anderson - The Revival are on commentary. Solid match that the Hardys won following a Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb. Following the match all three teams have a brawl and the Hardys stand tall.

Renee Young interviews Dean Ambrose about last week's tag match with Seth Rollins. Dean says that it felt good but he still doesn't trust Rollins. Rollins then turned up and said last week felt like old times, Ambrose is unconvinced.

Akira Tozawa, Rich Swann & Cedric Alexander vs Tony Nese, TJP & Ariya Daivari - Decent match. Titus tries to pull Tozawa from the match again but the faces end up winning after Tozawa pins TJP.

Jason Jordan is the guest on Miz TV. Miz is great as always but Jordan doesn't really come across as believable. This could be because the storyline is a bit unbelievable. The match between the two should be decent though.

Seth Rollins vs Sheamus - Rollins has new music (kind of). It now has some dude screaming 'Burn It Down' at the beginning. Not a bad match at all. Rollins picks up the win with the roll up. Following the match the tag champs beat down Rollins but Ambrose doesn't make the save so they beat him down some more. Ambrose then runs in but gets beaten up himself. They appear to be building this as the tag title match for Summerslam and it should be a good match.

Bray Wyatt uses many words and says nothing.

Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe vs Braun Strowman - This was a really good match but I hope they don't face each other again in any way before Summerslam. Reigns picked up the win, pinning Joe after a spear. Fun big man match. This really should have been the main event.

Enzo talks to Big Show and apologises for dragging him into his drama.

Elias vs Kalisto - It's just Elias now. No Sampson. He sings a song about Pittsburgh before the match starts. It was a poor match. Boring. Elias won.

Alexa Bliss says that she is happy to be facing Bayley at Summerslam as she has beaten her repeatedly. Good point.

Rollins thanks Ambrose for having his back. Ambrose says that if he didn't help he would have looked like the bad guy and that is unacceptable. He still doesn't buy what Rollins is selling.

Nia Jax vs Bayley - Well. This was bad. Nia looked sloppy throughout and it looked like she may have hurt Bayley at one point. Not good. Bayley won by countout.

Cass runs down Enzo & Show.

Big Cass vs Big Show - What a main event, eh? Enzo comes out to tell us about his disdain for bruised bananas, which, okay. Show attacks Cass during his entrance. They have a bit of a ruck and then Enzo interferes causing the DQ. Terrible. Why was this the main event? Following the match, Cass takes out Enzo and Show takes out Cass.

Overall Thoughts

This show was all over the map. Decent opening, perfectly fine for 2 hours, then disastrous after the triple threat match. That really should have main evented.