WWE Raw Recap (21st August 2017)

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar are out to gloat about Brock's win at Summerslam. Heyman says that he spoiled the main event weeks ago. There was a conspiracy but Brock doesn't care about conspiracies. He is the most dominant person in the history of WWE or UFC. But here comes BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN! He destroys Lesnar with ease, hitting two running powerslams and holding up the Universal Title. Nice start, I'm up for that match.

Big Cass vs Enzo Amore (Street Fight) - Enzo cuts his usual promo before the match. This wasn't a good match and it ended in unfortunate circumstances for Cass as he injured his knee after going over the top rope. He looked pissed too as this may derail his push. 

Emma runs down Nia Jax backstage and says she will beat her tonight. Nia is behind her, a murder is coming.

Nia Jax vs Emma - Murder accomplished. 

Elias is here to sing everyone a new song. He runs down New York and R-Truth before being interrupted by said idiot. Elias is pretty damn charismatic while he is slagging people off.

Elias vs R-Truth - Truth gets the squash loss that he deserves. 

Kurt Angle is in the ring to announce the big surprise that he had for everyone. It's not that Akira Tozawa is his son, it's that John Cena is on Raw. Cena says that he wanted to come to Raw because he wanted to be in the ring with a certain superstar. This brings out Roman Reigns. Reigns says that Cena talks too much shit on Twitter, but Cena says he isn't here to talk. This brings out The Miz who is sick and tired of seeing Reigns and Cena get moment after moment when he has busted his ass for 12 years and deserves his moment. The crowd is fully on Miz's side here. Once again, he makes a good point. Cena says that if he wants his moment he can be in the main event, teaming with one of the Miztourage to take on himself and Roman Reigns. Reigns looks at Cena like he's a dickhead, which is fair enough, stop booking your own matches. Samoa Joe then comes out to say that if anyone is going to team with Miz it will be him. He addresses Cena then punches him in the mouth. Reigns takes out Miz and his cronies with ease before saving Cena from the Coquina Clutch. Good segment overall. Miz is spot on with everything he says and gives no fucks Joe is awesome.

Gran Metalik, Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander & Mustafa Ali vs Drew Gulak, Tony Nese, Ariya Daivari & Noam Dar - This was a decent match but it would be so much more entertaining if they just let the cruiserweights go out there and do what they are good at. When you take away the moves that make them special you make them seem like underdeveloped nobodies and it's a real shame.

Neville runs down Tozawa backstage and Titus Worldwide turn up to claim Tozawa's rematch for tomorrow on 205 Live.

Jason Jordan is having a chat with his old man and he asks to face Finn Balor tonight. Angle isn't sure that his baby boy is ready but agrees.

Rollins and Ambrose are out to tell everyone how good it feels to be tag champs. Rollins says that they will take on anyone at any time. The Hardys come out and say that they would very much like a title shot. Rollins says that they grew up idolising the Hardys. Matt says that is because they have been revolutionising the tag division for a quarter of a century. That would mean Jeff was revolutionising at 14 but whatever, go with it. Rollins and Ambrose agree to the match.

Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose vs Hardy Boyz (Raw Tag Team Titles) - This was a really good match. They lost the crowd a bit in the middle, I'll get to them later, but they got through it and delivered. The Hardys are still a very capable tag team at this stage of their careers and it was a good win to cement the new champs as the leaders of the division. Good stuff.

They officially announce Brock vs Braun for No Mercy. Fuck. Yes.

The Miz and Samoa Joe meet backstage. Miz says that he is happy Joe wants in on the Miztourage but Joe tells him to shut up. He says that Dallas and Axel should do their distraction thing on the floor and Miz should do whatever it is that he does.

Sasha is out to celebrate her title victory at Summerslam. She says that she may be from Boston but she left her heart in New York. The crowd don't really seem to care about her pandering. She says that she will defend her title the right way which brings out Alexa Bliss. She says that Sasha defending the title is a joke because she is a four time champion and has never successfully made a title defence. Which is true. Sasha says she should take her rematch tonight but Alexa decides against it and wants it next week. It was a bit bitchy for my taste but it got the job done well enough.

Finn Balor vs Jason Jordan - Jordan arrives to a pop usually reserved for local enhancement talent. The man is an energy vacuum at the moment. The match was solid but the crowd does not give two shits about Jordan. Balor won with the Coup de Grace. 

John Cena & Roman Reigns vs The Miz & Samoa Joe - Good main event. There is a bit where Samoa Joe looks on annoyed at how useless the Miztourage are that is quality. Roman accidentally hits Cena with the Superman Punch but they manage to pick up the victory anyway when Cena pins the Miz. After the match Cena holds his jaw and looks at Reigns like he wants to slap him. Reigns just says 'My bad'.

Overall Thoughts

Not a bad show at all really. It had some good wrestling on it and the promos and builds for feuds were all worthwhile. There is one thing that I haven't mentioned until now, the crowd. They were shit. Stop with the beach ball bullshit. It's one thing when this is done on the Raw after Mania, WWE has accepted that is part of it's company now, but when you do it at any other time you just come across like a prick. The show isn't about you, it's about the wrestling and some respect deserves to be shown. It isn't even like this was a bad show. If this continues TV tapings will become interminable. If you want to act like that, go to house shows., or don't go at all. Get over yourselves.