WWE Mae Young Classic Episode 2 Review

Here is the updated bracket following episode 1. I apologise for the poor quality of graphic design on offer here.

On to tonight's action.

Round 1 - Mercedes Martinez vs Xia Li

This is another example of an untested commodity being paired with an experienced wrestler. Martinez is a 17 year veteran so it's a wise move. Xia gets to show what she has got before Martinez has had enough and picks up the win, which is absolutely the right move. Short and to the point, Martinez looked good. **

Round 1 - Marti Belle vs Rachel Evers

This was bad. Really bad. Belle has a good look but her wrestling skills are nowhere near the standard that should be expected and Evers didn't do herself any favours either. It was slow and it was sloppy. Evers won a 7 minute match that felt like it went twice that. This will probably be the worst match of the tournament. DUD

Round 1 - Rhea Ripley vs Miranda Salinas

This was a showcase for Ripley. The WWE clearly see big things in her future and she came off like a potential future star. It was another short and to the point match with Salinas being in desperation mode pretty much instantly. Ripley still needs plenty of nurturing but the potential is definitely there. **

Round 1 - Sarah Logan vs Mia Yim

This was another sensible choice for the main event. Logan previously wrestled as Crazy Mary Dobson and despite only being 23 has been wrestling for 7 years. Mia Yim is a former Knockouts champion in TNA as well as being a staple of the indie circuit. This was a good match with both women getting the chance to shine and really using the time they were given to good effect. They go back and forth, trading really good near falls before Yim picks up the win with the Eat Defeat (I prefer the name Sole Food). This was around the quality of the main event of episode 1. ***1/2

Overall Thoughts

Not as good as the first episode but the main event was a fun time. The show was more of an establishing episode than the first. Avoid the Belle vs Evers match though because it is complete junk.