WWE Smackdown Recap (18th July 2017)

We kick off the show with Jinder Mahal and his Punjabi Prison. Mahal says that the Punjabi Prison will be the final resting place of Orton's legacy. They run down the rules and Mahal says he will end Orton with a Khallas from the top of the structure. Orton arrives and tells Mahal that he must be either brave or stupid to want to be locked up with him. He says that Mahal has the weight of India on his shoulders and there will be no escape on Sunday. This was a decent build to the PPV main event.

Jimmy Uso vs Kofi Kingston - Another decent singles match between New Day and Usos. It was nothing special but the Usos managed to pick up a win for once. 

Shane O Mac meets with the five women who will compete in the number one contenders match at Battleground. Shane wants to book a match for tonight and they argue over what that match will be. That's how the SD women's division is booked, constantly bickering about everything. We end up with Charlotte vs Becky Lynch.

We get a sit down interview between Renee Young and Chad Gable to discuss the fact that Jason Jordan is Kurt Angle's son. Gable says that it took him by surprise but he knew something was going on as Jordan had been acting differently. He says that he has some plans for his future but doesn't want to spoil them. I'm intrigued to see where they go with Gable. 

Sami Zayn vs Mike Kanellis - This was short but it did a solid job of establishing Kanellis' character. Sami did all the work until Kanellis picked up the win with underhanded methods.

John Cena is here to talk about the upcoming flag match. He channels his inner Jim Duggan and talks a lot about America. He waves the American flag and gets attacked attacked by Rusev, who applies the Accolade. Cena's passion was great but this isn't the 1980s and this jingoistic nonsense does nothing for me whatsoever.

Styles and Nakamura are backstage ahead of tonight's main event. Styles wants to talk strategy but Nakamura wants the US Title.

Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch - This was a good match. Given more time they could do better but it was good for what it was. Becky won with the Disarmher. 

Following the match the other three women make their way out and attack the faces. Tamina and Lana stand tall.

Renee interviews Naomi who says she doesn't care who wins on Sunday. Carmella then shows up and tells her wherever Naomi goes she will be, with the MITB contract.

It's time for the Fashion X-Files: The Truth Is Not H. This is a case for Muldango and Scully. They do some fun fun alien and ghost references. They then receive a box and Fandango does the 'What's in the box?' bit from Seven. It's Tully the horse's head along with a note saying Battleground. This will be resolved on Sunday.

AJ Styles & Shinsuke Nakamura vs Kevin Owens & Baron Corbin - Good main event, if a little short. The heels pick up the win when Owens pins Styles with the pop up powerbomb. This was a good move as they will both likely lose at the PPV.

Overall Thoughts

By no means a terrible show but there is nothing that you need to go out of your way to see. Hopefully the PPV will be good.