WWE Raw Recap (3rd July 2017)

We start with Enzo talking about his shitty year. He says that Cass was always looking past him. He says that he is tough and he will keep on fighting. He says that Cass is going to be disappointed when he sees his merch check next month. He says that he has new life in him. It was a good opening segment but Enzo is still going to get murdered at the PPV.

Cass is being interviewed and is attacked by Enzo. They brawl but are separated. 

Sasha Banks & Bayley vs Alexa Bliss & Nia Jax - This was an alright match but it felt a bit slow, like they were working in second gear. Banks got the submission win over Bliss which means she will be losing at the PPV.

Angle is talking with Braun. Braun says that Reigns might not make it to the PPV. He also wants some competition tonight.

Hype video for Joe vs Brock.

Cedric Alexander vs Noam Dar - Cedric wins again but there is no point whatsoever in continuing to have this match booked repeatedly. 

Miz TV. Miz runs down the Balls and Ambrose. He makes some good points again. Ambrose, Rhyno and Slater come out. Slater wants a shot at Miz's IC title. Miz doesn't want to give him the shot but is forced to by Angle. It was a nothing segment to be honest.

Miz vs Heath Slater (IC Title) - This was actually a pretty good match but it's hard to believe in Heath Slater as he is rarely on TV and has no signature moves. Miz won.

There is a ruckus following the match where Miz stands tall. 

Titus convinces Apollo Crews to face Braun Strowman. Is Titus Brand a cult?

Goldust is out to show his new 'movie', which is just him beating down Truth last week. Truth sneaks in from behind and gets revenge on Goldie. It was fine.

Angle tells Cesaro and Sheamus that their title match at the PPV will be a 30 minute ironman match. 

Seth Rollins vs Curt Hawkins - Why?

Rollins talks about Wyatt, saying that he isn't a god. I have very little interest in this feud.

Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar have a split screen, different location interview. Michael Cole goes to ask questions but is cut off. From there we get an intense back and forth between champion and challenger. Brock tries to shrug off Joe's statements which pisses Joe off immensely. He takes off his mic and tries to find Lesnar. He ends up being restrained by security. This was fucking great once again. This build up has been brilliantly done. Joe is cutting the best promos in the company right now.

Neville vs Mustafa Ali - Good match but one that didn't really have any drama as it was obvious that Neville would win. 

Bray Wyatt is wandering the desert talking about the sun god. Great visuals but utter nonsense. 

Bliss is interviewed about her loss tonight. She claims that she let Banks win to give her a false sense of security.

Cesaro vs Finn Balor - This was a good match, as it should be with the people involved. It wasn't anything you need to go out of your way to see though. Balor wins after shenanigans involving Sheeamus, Elias Sampson and the Hardys. It continues the respective feuds.

Braun is here. He says he loves beating up Roman Reigns. He also loves that Reigns is so stupid that he keeps getting back up so that he can do it again. He wants competition and Titus brings out Crews.

Braun Strowman vs Apollo Crews - This was fun for what was essentially a squash match. There was a great looking spot where Apollo went for the standing moonsault and Braun kicked him half way across the ring.

Following the match Titus tries to attack Braun but regrets it immediately. Braun then throws Apollo in an ambulance and bangs on the back of it but it doesn't leave. He goes to investigate and Reigns is in it. They brawl and it ends with Reigns spearing Braun off the stage. Braun does not stay down for that long though. Great way to end the show.

Overall Thoughts

Raw is falling into a pattern where the Joe/Lesnar and Reigns/Strowman stuff is great but the rest is easily skippable. You can find the best stuff on WWE's YouTube channel here and here.