WWE Raw Recap (17th July 2017)

Full disclosure, I have watched a lot of good wrestling over the last couple of days so Raw may annoy me more than usual.

We start the show with Dean Ambrose, who calls out the Miztourage. He says they can all come out cuz he doesn't care. Seth Rollins comes out and tells him he needs a better plan. Ambrose tells him to do one. They rehash the Shield breakup and Rollins gives Ambrose a free shot at his back. He declines the invitation. The Miztourage then attacks and beats down the former Shield members. Decent enough opening segment.

Alexa Bliss vs Bayley - This was an average match with Bayley picking up the win to set up what will inevitably be a multi person match at Summerslam.

Kurt Angle and Corey Graves have a chat about Kurt's secret. Graves tells him it will be fine.

Titus O'Neil is trying to motivate Tozawa and Crews when Daivari turns up to challenge Tozawa, who accepts.

Brian Kendrick & Drew Gulak vs Mustafa Ali & Jack Gallagher - Pointless. Short 2 minute matches will never do anything to help get the cruiserweights over. If this is the best you have got then don't book them at all. The purple rope tape appears to have been another victim of the cost cutting measures.

Enzo is out to chat some shit. He is borderline incoherent. Cass comes out and says he is going beat Enzo senseless. Enzo says that Cass will be facing Big Show.

Big Cass vs Big Show - The match never gets going as Cass attacks Show during his entrance and they have a lacklustre brawl. Cass gets the better of Show and it takes a while for Enzo to help his new mate, the dick. When he does help, he gets murdered.

Delusional Reigns talks about how his previous losses to Joe mean nothing and he will win tonight.

Rollins and Ambrose meet with Angle who books them in a tag match against 2 members of the Miztourage next week. Ambrose says fuck that and demands a 3 on 2 handicap match so Angle books it.

Finn Balor vs Elias Sampson - Another average match. It ended when Sampson hit Balor with his guitar. 

Bray Wyatt then turns up and spouts some nonsense about being worse than a demon.

Sasha and Bayley both want a title shot at Summerslam and Kurt books them in a match for next week. It will probably end with Nia getting involved.

The Revival want some respect and they plan to get it by taking out the Hardys.

Akira Tozawa vs Ariya Daivari - Well this was utter nonsense. After a couple of minutes Titus stopped the match to save Tozawa. It was shit.

It's time for Kurt Angle's announcement. He says that he has been distracted as of late. He says that when he was in college he dated a woman who secretly had his child, which he only found out recently. He says that his son is a great athlete and introduces him as Raw's newest superstar. It's Jason Jordan. They share a nice moment. It was a okay segment but due to a friend of mine, Tom Roberts, this was already in my mind as a likely outcome. This could be good for Jordan's career but it's sad to see WWE break up another tag team.

The Hardys vs The Revival - This was, unsurprisingly, a good match. They got enough time to make me interested for a match at Summerslam. 

Samoa Joe fears neither man nor beast.

Backstage, Tozawa is pissed at Titus and demands a rematch with Daivari on 205 Live.

Samoa Joe vs Roman Reigns (Number 1 Contenders Match) - Really good main event. They have a hard hitting back and forth before....BRAUN ISN'T FINISHED WITH YOU YET. All 3 of them end up brawling. Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch on Braun and Reigns hits a Superman punch but it isn't enough to stop Braun, who destroys them both and stands tall to end the show.

Overall Thoughts

There are large portions of Raw that are hard to get through. They aren't horrendously bad but they are so damn tedious. The last hour is actually pretty good though.