WWE Raw Recap (10th July 2017)

We kick off the show with Big Cass. He talked about his massacre of Enzo at the PPV and said that nobody could look him in the eye. This brought out Big Show. Cass bad mouthed him and Big Show ran Cass off. Not a terrible opening segment. Cass needs to improve his mic work now that he doesn't have Enzo. The feud with Show is a sensible way o go as Show can afford to take the loss while Cass looks strong.

Finn Balor vs Elias Sampson - This was an average match. This was Sampson's opportunity to shine and he just didn't. Balor won with the Coup de Grace.

The Hardy Boys are out to talk about their loss at the PPV. Jeff says that the teams in the back think that they are done, that they should fade away and classify themselves as obsolete. Anderson and Gallows come out to say that they aren't the Hardy Boys of old, they are the old Hardy Boys. Matt says that they are stitched up, bruised and a little broken but they can still fight. This is comfortably the most they have played up the Broken Universe since they came back.

Hardy Boys vs Anderson & Gallows - A short match that was fine, I suppose. A&G won after a cheap shot.

Following the match The Revival turned up to attack the Hardys. SAY YEAH! So it looks like we are going to get Revival vs Hardys, which is nice.

Next up is Miz TV. They are doing an awards show called the Mizzies. Bo & Axel both won best supporting actor, Mayse won best actress and Miz won the award for greatest man in WWE. Miz says that he speaks the truth. He is right, he does. Ambrose comes out and attacks the Miz and Seth Rollins comes out to help him. I don't need more Ambrose vs Miz matches.

Rollins and Ambrose meet backstage and Ambrose tells him to stay out of his shit, there will be no Shield reunion. Ambrose's new shirt makes no sense.

Sasha Banks & Bayley vs Nia Jax & Alexa Bliss - Rematch city, bitch. This was a forgettable match. Bayley picked up the win with a roll up on Bliss.

Goldust cuts a promo saying that R-Truth tried to stop the Shattered Truth last week but this week there would be a sequel.

Kurt Angle says that we will have an update on Braun tonight.

Goldust vs R-Truth - Well this was pretty shit. I am not a fan of Truth and it's good that he lost.

Kurt Angle is out to say that Braun is missing and nobody knows where he is. He then brings out Lesnar. He says that he has some ideas for the title match at Summerslam but Heyman says that they aren't there for a brain storming session so they are leaving. This brings out Roman Reigns. Angle says that he has some nerve coming out after what he did last night. Reigns says that people did worse stuff in the attitude era. Angle couldn't control Braun so he should be happy with what Braun did. That's right, people should be happy with attempted murder. Reigns feels like he deserves a shot at the Universal title. Lesnar says that Reigns 'doesn't deserve shit'. Samoa Joe comes out to say that he is going to bring everyone back to reality. He says that Lesnar didn't beat him, he escaped him. Heyman says that Joe will never get a title shot while Brock is champ and Joe says that is because he knows Joe has his number. Angle says that there will be a number 1 contenders match between Reigns and Joe next week. This was a good segment despite the fact that it was obvious that Reigns isn't a patch on Joe in terms of intensity on the mic. The Joe and Brock back and forth was great once again.

Another mystery text is received by Corey Graves.

Graves meets with Angle to discuss his issues. Angle is worried it will ruin his family and career. Graves supports him and Angle decides to reveal it all next week.

Cedric Alexander & Akira Tozawa vs Noam Dar & Neville - This, like many cruiserweight matches on Raw, was decent but that was all it was. The finish saw Tozawa kick the rope into Neville's bollocks before getting the pin. I can do without the continuation of the Dar/Alexander feud.

Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt - End the show with the dullest feud you have. That's sensible. This was about the same standard as their match at the PPV. That is to say, good but nothing more. Bray won after attacking the injured eye.

Following the match Miz and his cronies turned up and surrounded Rollins but Ambrose made the save.

Overall Thoughts

They did more to set up next week's show than put on a good show this week. The Universal title segment is really good and it was fun seeing the Hardys act more Broken but that is it really. Bit of a nothing show.