WWE Great Balls Of Fire Review

Here we are. The PPV with a name that could only come from the mind of Vince McMahon.

Kickoff: Cruiserweight Title - Neville vs Akira Tozawa

This was a really fun kickoff match. Both of these men are excellent at what they do so this wasn't going to be bad. It suffered from having an advert break in it, which pisses me off no end. The finish was weak but it plays into Neville's gimmick. Really good way to kick off proceedings on the whole. ***1/2

Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt

The build up to this match hasn't got me interested in any way but they are both capable of putting on great matches so we shall see how it goes. This was another good match, one that was more hard hitting than I had anticipated. It didn't feel like they were going above third gear though. Once again the finish was a bit cheap but heels will be heels. ***

Big Cass vs Enzo Amore

Enzo started the match off by cutting a really good promo based on That's Life by Frank Sinatra. It was as good as it got for him. Cass absolutely murdered him. It was what it needed to be. **

30 Minute Ironman Match, Raw Tag Team Titles - Sheamus & Cesaro vs Hardy Boys

This starts off with a really well done fall. Cesaro distracted Matt to allow Sheamus to hit the Brogue Kick to take an immediate lead. Ironman matches are somewhat beholden to the formula but this managed to keep things exciting by using the tag scenario to it's advantage. There were a couple occasions where they were slightly off on their timing but overall I had an absolute blast watching this and the last few minutes were superb. ****1/4

Raw Women's Title - Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks

This was better than I had anticipated it would be going in. Sure it had a finish that was only there to prolong this feud further but the journey to it was fun. There was a spot where it looked like Bliss had dislocated her arm but it was a ruse, with Alexa using her double jointedness. There is also a spot where Banks hits her back off the apron with a large portion of the match playing off it. Good match. ***1/2

Following the match they brawl on the ramp. Sasha gets the upper hand and hits the double knees from the ramp to the floor. It looks like it sucked to give and to take.

Intercontinental Title - The Miz vs Dean Ambrose

I am convinced that these two are having a best of 187 series and they forgot to mention it on TV. Miz has Maryse and the Miztourage with him. There was very little about this that separated it from their other matches. It was decent but never got anything above that. **1/2

Ambulance Match - Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns

Ambulance matches in general aren't very good but this surpassed expectations. It was a good, hard hitting back and forth that featured a variety of weapon shots for good measure. There was a spot where Reigns threw Braun through the screen on the ramp and we got some good selling from Braun. He sold it like it was a new experience to him. The match ends with Braun sidestepping a spear attempt, causing Reigns to throw himself into the ambulance. Fun match. ***1/2

Following the match Reigns escapes the ambulance and hits a spear from it. He throws Braun in the back and drives it to the back. He then reverses the ambulance into a truck, because faces attempt murder all the time.

Heath Slater vs Curt Hawkins

This was thrown together as a storyline stop gap while they tried to get Braun out of the crumpled ambulance. They only showed the beginning of the match as they spent the rest of it focusing on the great Braun rescue attempt. Apparently Slater won. NR

They finally managed to get Braun out of the ambulance, battered and bloody. He refuses medical attention and Kurt Angle looks worried. You might think, logically, that this is a double turn but it probably won't be.

Universal Title - Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe

Well, this was a pretty damn entertaining sub 10 minute match. It starts with Joe attacking Lesnar and slamming him through the announce table. From there Joe gets a lot of offence with Lesnar cutting him off occasionally to hit suplexes. In the end Lesnar manages to catch Joe off guard and hits the F5. This meant that even though Joe lost it was because of one brief misjudgment, much like Lesnar's first UFC match with Frank Mir. I enjoyed it. ***1/2

Overall Grade - B

This was a good show from top to bottom with nothing on the card being bad. A fun 3 hours of wrestling.