NJPW G1 Climax 27 Night 8 Review

We are back with another night of Block B action and I think this one has some potential in the last 2 matches.

Block B Match - Tama Tonga vs Juice Robinson

A nice, simple match to start off the night's G1 festivities. Juice continues to develop himself as an excellent babyface, this tournament has been really good for him so far. It built well and had a nice, clean finish. Nothing wrong with any of this. ***1/2

Block B Match - SANADA vs Toru Yano

We finally get a 5 minute Yano match and it was actually pretty good. It worked at a quicker pace than the other Yano matches so far and that allowed it to not outstay it's welcome. SANADA had an answer to all of Yano's tricks and actually used one of the silliest moves in wrestling, the Paradise Lock, to good effect. Not bad at all. ***

Block B Match - Minoru Suzuki vs EVIL

This was good for what it was, a brawl that involved a chunk of interference from both men's respective factions. This match is also proof positive that it isn't really possible to get disqualified in this tournament. You're not getting a layered classic here so turn off your brain and enjoy it. ***

Block B Match - Satoshi Kojima vs Kazuchika Okada

This was excellent. Much like Nagata in Block A, Kojima is the grizzled veteran that might not be what he once was but is still not someone to fuck with. The crowd is fully behind Kojima, meaning that Okada works as the de facto heel. This leads to a the crowd booing the Rainmaker pose, much to Okada's amusement.  As the match progresses Kojima has an answer for everything Okada throws at him, even reversing the Rainmaker with a lariat of his own. They did a great job of making people believe that Kojima could win and the fact that it was a touch shorter than Okada's typical G1 match actually helped it out. Well worth anyone's time. ****1/4

Block B Match - Michael Elgin vs Kenny Omega

Wow. What a main event this was. It was obvious from their previous matches that they can put on tremendous matches and they don't disappoint here. They work a full on New Japan main event here. 25+ minutes of back and forth brilliance, building to a fantastic go home sequence. Elgin hits a powerbomb on the apron at one point after he reverses a hurricanrana attempt. The backdrop drivers Elgin hits towards the end look absolutely brutal and any time there is a Burning Hammer I am a happy man. Highly, highly recommended. ****3/4

Overall Grade - A-

The run of shows without a stand out match comes to an end. This was the best Block B show so far and the last two matches are more than worth any wrestling fan's time. Even the Yano match is fun.