NJPW G1 Climax 27 Night 7 Review

Night 7 is upon us and we return to the A Block. 

Block A Match - Tomohiro Ishii vs YOSHI-HASHI

This year's G1 has done a good job of putting on fun matches to open the evening's tournament proceedings and this follows that trend. These two are stablemates and the match was laid out so that it seemed that YOSHI had something to prove to Ishii. Really fun, hard hitting affair. ***3/4

Block A Match - Bad Luck Fale vs Zack Sabre Jr

This was by no means a great match but it did have a great layout. Sabre is literally half the size of Fale so he moved from submission to submission, using his speed to stay away from Fale,s power moves. When that didn't work he went for a cradle pin. About as good as it was likely to be. ***

Block A Match - Kota Ibushi vs Togi Makabe

This was Ibushi's worst match of the G1 so far. Their styles just didn't click that well for me. The crowd were invested enough to pull it up to the level of good though. ***

Block A Match - Tetsuya Naito vs Yuji Nagata

Another really good outing for Nagata. They once again teased Nagata picking up the win, even having him kick out of Destino, but that elusive victory will have to wait for another day. I love that Nagata gets outwrestled until his opponent disrespects him and then he slaps the piss out of them. The crowd are fully behind him once again and they are going to lose their mind when he picks up that victory. So will I. ***3/4

Block A Match - Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Hirooki Goto

I am a fan of both of these guys but this wasn't quite up to the standards I know they are capable of. It was still a fun main event though. Like most of New Japan's main events it had an excellent finishing stretch too. It was believable that both men could win throughout, but that is a G1 signature. ***1/2

Overall Grade - B-

Another show where there isn't a blow away match but there isn't anything close to a bad one either. Old Man Nagata is my wrestling hero.