WWE Smackdown Recap (6th June 2017)

We start the show with Shane McMahon in the ring with the competitors in the women's MITB ladder match. Shane reveals the women's MITB briefcase, it looks like a briefcase, and then the competitors shout at each other. A lot. Naomi comes out to say that she wishes she could be in the MITB match. Lana comes out to say that while Naomi can't be in the match, she can. Naomi tells her that she ain't shit, which honestly makes her come across as a bit of a heel. Why would Naomi care if Lana was in the MITB match? Shane tells Lana she can't be in the match. This wasn't a particularly good opening segment.

Naomi, Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair vs Tamina, Carmella & Natalya - This was a decent enough match that ended when Lana came down to trip up Naomi, allowing Tamina to hit her with the superkick for the win. Naomi is eating quite a few losses since she won the title. 

Shane meets with Mojo Rawley, who says he has a win over Jinder Mahal and just wants a chance to shine. Shane says that he will face Jinder tonight and if he wins he will be in the MITB match.

AJ Styles vs Dolph Ziggler - Ziggler won last week so guess what happened here. That's right, Styles won. This wasn't as good as it could have been. It did have an advert break in the middle of it, which never helps, but it never really hit a higher gear. It was fine.

We get another Fashion Files and it's fantastic. The bulletin board has pictures of Billy Kidman and Michael Hayes on it. The New Day turn up in colour but as soon as they enter the Fashion Police office they transition to black and white. New Day want to know all they can about the Usos. They have an awkward staredown before New Day leaves. The jokes all hit.

Mojo Rawley vs Jinder Mahal - Jinder wins in a few minutes as he should have. It wasn't very good but that isn't surprising at all. Following the match Jinder cuts a promo saying he dismantled Mojo's dreams and he will do the same to Orton in his hometown. That means he probably will. 

We get a Nakamura video package.

Randy Orton is backstage saying more about how he doesn't need to say anything.

New Day vs The Colons - This was fine for what it was but it was probably a touch too competitive. New Day have a title shot coming up and should have probably gotten a dominant win. They did win though.

The Usos turn up to say that they aren't impressed by the New Day. There will be no jokes at MITB. They also do their it's not paranoia, it's the Usos thing. This makes no sense as it clearly couldn't be paranoia, they know they are facing the Usos and they know they are coming.

Sami is being interviewed backstage. He says he has been watching tape of people but can't figure out Nakamura. Corbin then turns up and destroys Sami with ladders and will be taking his place on commentary for the main event. 

Naomi tells Shane that she wants Lana at MITB. Naomi says she will put the title on the line and Shane agrees. Lana does literally nothing to earn a title shot but everyone else has to enter MITB. Makes sense.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Kevin Owens - I bet you expect this to be great. Nope. It wasn't bad at all but it lacked any kind of intensity or urgency, an advert break didn't help. These two can do great things against each other, they did in ROH, but tonight wasn't it. Shinsuke won with the Kinshasa. 


This whole episode just felt like it was running at half energy. The only thing that you need to see is the Fashion Files which as you can tell from the link is on YouTube.