WWE Smackdown Recap (27th June 2017)

This will be another quicker recap. Sorry about that.

We start the show with Daniel Bryan hyping the women's matches for tonight. Carmella comes out to kick off about injustice. Bryan defends his decision which causes Ellsworth to talk shit about him and the crowd. Bryan bans him from the entire arena. Carmella's promo was a touch repetitive but the segment was decent and the crowd was invested.

Hype Bros vs Usos - If Hype Bros win they get a title shot. They didn't win. The match was decent enough and they appear to be holding off on a heel turn for one of the Hype Bros. It's coming though.

Following the match the New Day get themselves another title shot even though the Hype Bros had to win to get a shot they had already earned. Common sense for you.

Free agent John Cena returns next week.

We get another episode of Fashion Vice. It's funny but it's not quite up to the standard of their previous work.

Naomi vs Lana (SD Women's Title) - Lana attacks at the bell, hits her finish but Naomi kicks out at 2. Naomi then wins. Action packed minute of wrestling.

Becky says she will win the MITB.

Aiden English is out to sing but Randy Orton isn't up for that. He tells English to leave, English doesn't want to so Orton RKOs him. Orton says he deserves a rematch or he will attack Mahal in the parking lot, locker room and airport. That doesn't seem like a good reason to get a rematch. Shane comes out to say that he can't have this kind of behaviour from Orton but then grants him a title shot anyway. Mahal will pick the stipulation though. Mahal comes out to run down how Smackdown is run, which seems fair. He picks the stipulation for the match and it's PUNJABI PRISON MOTHERFUCKERS! 

Styles is backstage to complain about the Owens Open Invitational. Owens says it's only for people he hasn't already beat. Bryan decides to book a battle royale for next week with the winner getting a shot at the US title.

Mike and Maria Kanellis are out but they get interrupted by Sami Zayn.

Baron Corbin vs Sami Zayn - Nakamura is shown watching from backstage. This was a good match, as all of their matches are. Corbin finally gets the win. 

Nakamura is interviewed backstage. He says that Corbin is dangerous.

The Usos and the New Day will have a rap battle next week for some ungodly reason.

Women's MITB Ladder Match Part 2: The Revenge - The match leading up to the finish was slightly worse than the match at MITB but the finish was much, much better. Ellsworth still got involved but this time Becky Lynch stopped him from repeating the errors of the PPV. Carmella won the MITB briefcase. Again.


Pretty good episode of SD all things considered. Not spectacular or anything but nothing is bad.