WWE Smackdown Recap (20th June 2017)

We start the show with all of the women, except Carmella, discussing Carmella's shitty MITB win. Daniel Bryan turns up and wants to hear what Carmella and Ellsworth have to say for themselves.

Carmella cuts a promo about how she didn't break any rules at MITB and everyone needs to shut the fuck up. She claims that she is more intelligent than the other women because she had a plan. It was a decent enough promo.

Charlotte meets with Bryan to convince him to change his mind. Bryan tells her that it was no DQ but Charlotte ain't happy about it.

Big E vs Jimmy Uso - Before the match the New Day cut a promo saying that the Usos ran away from their match at MITB. This was a decent match with Big E picking up the win, proving that New Day will win when the Usos can't run away.

Bryan is talking with Shane O Mac on the phone. Natalya and Tamina show up and want to know what he is going to do about the MITB match. Bryan says he will have an answer later. 

Naomi is being interviewed about MITB. She wasn't happy about how it went down. Lana turns up to say she only lost because Carmella distracted her. She wants another title shot. Naomi says she doesn't need to give her one but she will anyway.

We get a pretaped sit down interview between Tom Phillips and Randy Orton. He says that he beat himself as he took his eye off the ball. Jinder has made it personal and he is going to hurt Jinder. He says that he might go to India and start raining down RKOs on all of Jinder's family. It's impossible to overstate how much I want to see that.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Dolph Ziggler - This was much better than their match at Backlash and was a great TV match. Nakamura looked great, Ziggler looked great, the match was entertainingly competitive and the right man (Nakamura) won. Good stuff all round.

Bryan books Sami Zayn vs Baron Corbin for next week. Becky Lynch then turns up to say that she is sick of people getting in her business and fucking up her career. Bryan wishes he had stayed at home.

Owens is out to say that the only reason he didn't win the MITB match was because the other competitors banded against him. He is still here and he is still the face of America. He issues an open challenge. AJ comes out to accept the challenge but Owens says it's only for residents of Dayton, Ohio. Chad Gable accepts the the challenge but Owens says that he isn't from Dayton either. Gable says he moved there this morning and AJ vouches for him. 

Kevin Owens vs Chad Gable (US Title) - This was a good match. It wasn't very long but it was competitive and showed that Gable is a quality wrestler. Owens retained with the pop up powerbomb. We should be getting another chapter of Owens vs Styles.

The Hype Bros ask Bryan when they will get their title shot. Bryan says if they beat the Usos next week they can have their title shot.

Daniel Bryan is out to address the MITB controversy. He says that while there is no specific rule to stop Ellsworth doing what he did this is a unique situation. Ellsworth runs down Bryan's baby daughter and Bryan threatens to knock him out. He then instructs Carmella to hand over the briefcase as they will be redoing the MITB match next week. That is a pretty shitty way to go about things. Hopefully there are no shenanigans this time around. 

Jinder Mahal vs Luke Harper - It's good to see Harper back on TV even if it is to lose to Mahal. The match was OK with Jinder winning following a distraction from a Singh brother. Baron Corbin teased cashing in but it was just banter. 

Following the match Orton turns up and gives the Singhs and Mahal a beatdown. The Singhs take the worst of it as Mahal escapes through the crowd. 


This was a decent show. There was some good wrestling to be had, especially the Nakamura vs Ziggler match, but the women's MITB resolution wasn't really satisfactory.