WWE Raw Recap (26th June 2017)

This will be a quick recap as I had to skim over the show a bit this week.

We kick off the show with Roman Reigns. He is not happy with Braun attacking him last week. He acknowledges that Joe put him to sleep. He tells Braun he will take him to hell because this is his yard. An ambulance then backs in to the arena. Reigns thinks he has it figured out and opens the back of the ambulance but Braun is not there and he attacks from the side. He throws Reigns in to the side of the ambulance, then throws him in the back. To misquote the Dark Knight 'Braun is the hero we deserve and the hero we need right now'. Good opening segment. Delusional Reigns is great and Braun is greater.

The Hardy Boys & Finn Balor vs Cesaro, Sheamus & Elias Sampson - Pretty good match. It built matches for the PPV and the crowd was in to it. Balor pinned Cesaro following the Coup de Grace.

Goldust vs R-Truth - Goldust comes out with his own cameraman. The match never started. Goldust destroys Truth, which I appreciate.

Paul Heyman is being interviewed when Samoa Joe sneaks up on him and teases choking him out. He tells Heyman that he will choke out Brock.

Kurt Angle has got the old Royal Rumble bingo machine out. Bayley picks her number for tonight's gauntlet match.

Next up is Miz TV with LaVar and LaMelo Ball. I don't know who they are. I was flitting in and out of the segment but there was a classic line from LaVar 'There's only 2 guys better than me and I'm both of em'. Ambrose comes out and says he's representing Big Baller Brand.

Dean Ambrose, Heath Slater & Rhyno vs Miz, Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas - This wasn't bad but it wasn't good either. Dallas pinned Rhyno with a roll up. 

Enzo comes out to address last weeks incident. He says Cass was right about a lot of the things he said. Cass comes out and says he is ashamed of what he said last week. He says he won't throw away their friendship. It was just a swerve though as he picked Enzo up and tossed him down the ramp. Good segment. Who doesn't like seeing Enzo get ragdolled?

Seth Rollins vs Curt Hawkins - Rollins wins, obviously.

Bray Wyatt cuts a promo about good and evil and other stuff.

Heyman is out to discuss Samoa Joe. He says that Joe took a cheap shot at Brock and called him a Samoan dumb ass. He then brings out Brock. As Brock walks out Joe attacks him and puts him in the Coquina Clutch. Lesnar tries to fight it off but Joe only lets go when he is pulled off by the Revival. Another great segment in the build up to this match.

Neville vs Lince Dorado - Neville gets a quick, fun victory. They announced Neville vs Tozawa for Great Balls of Fire.

Paul Heyman is pissed at Samoa Joe. He says that Joe will be going to suplex city.

Number 1 Contender Gauntlet Match - Bayley and Nia begin the match. Nia eliminates Bayley with a samoan drop. Mickie James is out next. Nia uses many bear hugs. Mickie James is eliminated. Dana Brooke is next. Leg drop and Brooke is done. Emma is out next but after a bit of a fight she gets caught in a samoan drop and is eliminated. Sasha Banks is the last competitor out and we get an proper match to finish this gauntlet. Sasha picks up the victory with the Banks Statement and will fight Alexa Bliss at Great Balls of Fire. The match was decent but at 30 minutes it may have dragged on a little bit too long.


This wasn't too bad of an episode. The opening segment was great as was the advancement of the Brock/Joe story. There are still pointless things on the show though.