WWE Raw Recap (19th June 2017)

We start the show with Roman Reigns big announcement. Reigns says he can't be beat one on one, even though he has been beaten one on one numerous times (Rollins, Balor, Braun). He once again makes the point that he retired Undertaker. If he isn't a heel, he sure as hell acts like it. Maybe he's just a prick. He says that he will be the number one contender at Summerslam because it's his yard and he makes the rules. This brings out Joe who says that Reigns hasn't beaten him and that he is the true number 1 contender. Roman says that he agrees with what Heyman said last week, and that he will always be 'just Joe' to him. BIG FUCKING HEADBUTT FROM JOE. Joe gets the better of Reigns, beating him down at ringside. Back in the ring Reigns fights off the Coquina Clutch and hits the Superman Punch. This was a fucking good segment. Reigns is a dick and Joe is a straight up murderer. Raw will probably go downhill after the first segment again.

We'll get Reigns vs Joe later tonight.

The Hardy Boys vs Anderson & Gallows - A&G get way more offense than they have done recently, which is nice. The match was decent. The Hardy's won with the Swanton Bomb.

We get another Goldust promo. He invites Truth to the debut of Shattered Truth next week.

Elias Sampson is here to play a tune but he is interrupted by Finn Balor. Sampson is pissed.

Finn Balor vs Bo Dallas - This was OK for what it was. Dallas got maybe too much offense in but hey. Balor needs some direction, badly. Balor won with the Coup de Grace.

Corey Graves leaves commentary. 

WWE 2K18 promo with Seth Rollins.

Graves talks to Angle about his problem. Angle is annoyed at Enzo for tweeting Conor McGregor, He says he will find out who attacked Enzo & Cass tonight.

Rollins is out to talk about the WWE 2K18 cover. I don't care. Wyatt appears on the screen and says he will sacrifice Rollins. This was not a particularly good segment. Wyatt is not having a good 2017.

Balor is being interviewed but he gets attacked by Elias Sampson for ruining his concert. Have that Balor. Then D-Von Dudley, of all people, comes to check on Balor.

Akira Tozawa vs TJP - This got a large amount of time for a cruiserweight TV match, it's a shame that a chunk of that was an advert break. It was a decent match, though not as good as what they did on 205 Live. There was some advancement in the Tozawa/Titus Brand storyline and Neville was typically great.

Angle talks to the Revival.

R-Truth cuts a promo accepting Goldust's challenge.

Miz meets with Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas and offers them spots in his entourage. 

Samoa Joe is interviewed backstage, he says Reigns should worried of him.

Samoa Joe vs Roman Reigns - This was good stuff all round. They had a good back and forth encounter which included Joe getting his foot on the rope at 2 following a spear. Reigns goes to finish the match but is distracted by an ambulance backing in to the arena. The doors open and it's BRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUNNNNNNN!!!!!!!! Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch and that's all she wrote for Reigns. 

Following the match BRAUN comes to the ring because HE'S NOT FINISHED WITH REIGNS YET! He murders Reigns and challenges him to an ambulance match at Great Balls Of Fire.

Next up is Miz TV. Maryse is the guest. Miz apologises to her for ruining the grandfather clock she gave him. He reveals that he has had it fixed. Ambrose turns up to ruin the party. He makes Miz spill a drink on Maryse and causes him to break the grandfather clock again. Maryse slaps Miz and leaves. Miz has a plan this time though as the two men in bear costumes attack Ambrose. The bears reveal themselves to be Axel and Dallas. This was a decent segment. 

Cesaro & Sheamus vs Titus O'Neil & Apollo Crews - It was OK I suppose. 

We get a good video hyping Brock vs Joe.

Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax - This is joined in progress and lasts no time at all. All of the women come out and the match gets thrown out. It's the same thing we see every week. Are we going to have another multi person match? I fucking hope not.

To finish the show we are going to find out who attacked Enzo and Cass. Angle says that he has questioned the suspects and brings out the Revival and Big Show. Angle agrees that none of them did it. Corey Graves tells Angle that he has some information that will be helpful. He has security footage that will sort this shit out. The footage shows that Cass wasn't actually attacked. He faked it. Graves then accuses Cass of being the one that attacked Enzo and Cass admits it. He is sick of Enzo talking shit and being shit. He has been holding him back and he has had enough of it. He wanted to see if Enzo could figure out it was him or if he was as stupid as he looks. He is as stupid as he looks. Cass knocks out Enzo and tells him 'You can't teach that'. That was a really good segment even if it was obvious that Cass was behind it. Enzo has been pissing me off for a while so I'm happy to see this.


This was a much better show than last week. It wasn't spectacular or anything but the Joe/Reigns/Braun segments and the Enzo and Cass reveal are well worth your time.