WWE Smackdown Recap (May 9th 2017)

We kick off with Randy Orton explaining that he only lost at Payback because of Jinder Mahal. This, of course, brings out Mahal who shows Orton the pictures he had taken with the belt and tells him that he will take the title back to his people, who will erect a statue in his honour. Kevin Owens then comes out to tell them that nobody cares about the House of Horrors or India. Owens then claims that he ended Jericho's career and at Backlash he will end AJ Styles's career, then he's coming for the WWE Title. This brings out Styles, who gets a great pop. He says that Owens will never be the face of Smackdown. Baron Corbin arrives but gets attacked by Sami Zayn. The faces clear house and we have our 6-man main event for the evening.

The welcoming committee are out to talk shit. Naomi comes out and introduces Becky Lynch. Charlotte then comes out and needs no introduction.

Natalya vs Becky Lynch was not a very good match, in no small part because of the shitty ending. Also it lasted 3 minutes. 

We get another Lana promo.

Charlotte and Naomi are arguing backstage and Becky Lynch tries to get them on the same page. They will settle things with the welcoming committee in a 6-woman tag at Backlash. I'm not the biggest fan of putting the champion in a multi person match at the PPV. I would rather the title was defended.

We get another fashion police video. This time from the 'foggy apple'. It wasn't as good as last week but I still enjoyed it.

It's Erick Rowan vs Luke Harper up next. It was another short match with Rowan picking up the win off the distraction. It was a decent enough match while it lasted but I'm not sure what they are doing with Harper. He has so much upside and they seem to have no idea how to use it. I assume this will become a feud.

Dolph Ziggler comes out to lambaste the crowd for not giving him the respect he deserves for his accomplishments. Instead they cheer for Nakamura. He calls out Nakamura, who gets a great pop. He tells Ziggler to shut up and challenges him to a match for tonight. Ziggler declines, saying that he will wait until Backlash. He tries to get a cheap shot in but Nakamura fights him off. This was a much better segment than the comedy stuff they were doing.

Sami Zayn met up with Orton and Styles. He talked a lot and they walked out on him.

New Day is still coming.

Fashion Police vs The Ascension. Another really short match. It was fine for what it was though. It got the Fashion Police over.

The Usos then come out to run down their challengers. It was a bit of a childish promo.

Mojo Rawley tells some kids about Andre the Giant and bullying.

Rusev will be on next week's Smackdown to get answers from Shane about his title shot.

It's main event time. AJ Styles, Randy Orton & Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens, Jinder Mahal & Baron Corbin. This was twice as long as all the other matches on the show combined. It was also by far the best thing on the show. It did a good job of advancing all 3 of the feuds involved as well as providing a really fun and enjoyable main event. They really gave the wrestlers the chance to interact with each other and advance the stories in the ring. Jinder picks up the victory by pinning Orton.


This was another UK TV taping that just seemed to exist for the sake of it, other than the really good main event, which is the only thing you need to go out of your way to see.


  1. They never go all out in the UK, and it confuses me, it is a massive market yet the shows still sell out which is all that matters to "business"

  2. I don't get it either. Is it too much to ask to get something meaningful?


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