WWE Raw Recap (29th May 2017)

We kick things off with Miz TV. Miz runs down Dean Ambrose before introducing his guests, Sheamus & Cesaro. The three of them are annoyed that the Hardy Boyz turned up and got a title shot without earning it. Heels making good points again. Shesaro say that they will beat the Hardys at Extreme Rules. Ambrose comes out and calls them buttheads. Okay. Ambrose challenges them to a fight and he has backup in the form of Matt & Jeff Hardy. Average open to the show.

The Miz, Sheamus & Cesaro vs Deam Ambrose & Hardy Boyz - A fun but also quite sloppy match. The Hardys pick up another victory, pinning Miz following a Twist of Fate and Senton Bomb. 

Corey Graves leaves the announce booth in a hurry.

Back from the break Graves is talking with Kurt Angle. Graves shows Angle something on his phone. Angle seems worried and says it could ruin him.

Elias Sampson vs Zack Evans - Once again we get an Elias Sampson original song. It's terrible once again. Obviously the rest of it is a murder. Sampson makes a statement by doing way more damage than he needs to.

Samoa Joe is backstage watching Finn Balor: 24. He starts to do an interview but Bray Wyatt interrupts with some spooky words of spookiness.

Bray Wyatt vs Samoa Joe vs Finn Balor - This was a great match, which makes it a bit of a shame that there is a spot of messyness before the finish.Still an excellent TV match though. Samoa Joe picks up the win by pinning Wyatt after Balor had hit in with the Coup de Grace. 

Seth Rollins is interviewed backstage. He says that he knows Roman better than anyone and he owns him. 

Noam Dar vs Rich Swann - They are accompanied by Alicia Fox and Sasha Banks respectively to build for the mixed tag match at Extreme Rules. It's a match much like many other cruiserweight matches on Raw. Rich Swann picks up the win and he and Sasha do some dancing. Does this make them the new Too Cool?

The Revival get some interview time. They are asked why they were at Raw last week. The insinuation being that they had something to do with the attack on Enzo. They claim they were doing top guy things.

We get a recap of the excellent Kendrick vs Tozawa match from last week's 205 Live. It is well worth your time if you haven't seen it.

Big Cass comes to the commentary table to cast aspersions on Corey Graves, saying that he was claiming Cass had something to do with the attack on Enzo. I reckon he did.

Kalisto vs Titus O'Neil - Incredibly short match with Titus picking up the win with the aid of the trunks. Titus brand rolls on.

Alexa Bliss is out to host a Bayley, This Is Your Life segment. I have a bad feeling about this. This is horrendous. The crowd are rightfully pissed. I may jump out of my upstairs window. Bayley comes out to end everyone's suffering but she ends up getting hit with a kendo stick for her troubles. Being hit with a kendo stick is less painful than this segment.

Enzo is down again. I reckon he has narcolepsy. Cass says it was the Revival but Angle says he already saw them leave. It was Cass all along, I'm calling it.

Austin Aries & Jack Gallagher vs Neville & TJP - We are getting this match again. Decent enough but it's getting repetitive seeing it over and over again. Aries picks up the win with the Last Chancery.

Roman Reigns says fuck you, nobody owns him. It's his yard.

Goldust is doing one of his movie based pre taped things and it is interrupted by one by R-Truth. He channels Jules Winfield from Pulp Fiction and it is honestly the least annoying I've found R-Truth in...ever, I guess.

Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns - Main event time. This was a really good main event, only falling slightly short of what I would expect from a PPV match between the two. Roman Reigns picks up the win with a spear after a series of reversals.


This was the very definition of an up and down show. It had 3 fun matches, 2 of which were really good but it also had comfortably the worst segment of the year so far. That This Is Your Life segment was an embarrassment for everyone involved. All in all the wrestling was good but everything else was boring or in one case an abomination.