WWE Raw Recap (April 24th 2017)

We kick off with another recap of Braun in all of his ambulance flipping, ring demolishing glory.

It's Braun vs Kalisto in a dumpster match later tonight.

Jericho is out for an episode of the Highlight Reel. He says that it will be the last time he will be on Raw because he will beat Owens and move to Smackdown. He also gives a shoutout to Southpaw Regional Wrestling. He calls Kevin Owens the hemorrhoid of America and gets interrupted by The Miz. Miz says the Highlight Reel will be replaced by Miz TV. He then does just that. As he is about to start though, Ambrose comes out. He sets up the Ambrose Asylum set. Ambrose apologises for ruining Jericho's jacket and gives him a new one, it's a suit jacket with Christmas lights on it. In the end Miz gets hit with Dirty Deeds and Maryse gets put on the list. That felt like it lasted forever. The shitty talk show style segments do nothing for me.

Matt Hardy vs Sheamus. Decent enough match. Matt does a mix of old skool Hardys and Broken Matt, even getting a Delete in there. Matt picks up the win after an inadvertent distraction. Following the match they all shake hands again but the tension is there. 

Miz is in Angle's office kicking off for being made to wait for 2 minutes to see him. Angle tells him to get a tag partner as he has a match tonight.

The King of the Cruiserweights makes his way out along with TJ Perkins, whose entire gimmick fits a heel much more so I'm glad he turned. They are facing Jack Gallagher and A Double. This was a fun match for the time it got. Everyone got their stuff in. Aries pinned Perkins following a Discus Fivearm. 

It's dumpster match time. BRRRRAAAUUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!! Braun tells the crowd that they are garbage. They are trying hard to make him a proper heel. Kalisto gets a pep talk from Kurt Angle. I think he has new music. This is the first dumpster match in 17 years. They tease the Kalisto win and then he does win. With a sneaky dropkick. That was a bad idea as Braun then murders him, stuffs his corpse in the dumpster and throws it off the ramp. There are some pretty loud 'We want Roman' chants here. You are sick bastards Kansas City. 

Kalisto is off to hospital.

There is a special look at Roman Reigns. As if we are going to forget who he is after 2 weeks.

Nonsensical Bray Wyatt is nonsense. Easily the worst feud of the year and it started off with so much potential.

Dana Brooke vs Alicia Fox is up next. This has potential dumpster fire written all over it. Emma is out to watch. Mercifully this only lasts 20 seconds and Dana still fucked up her finisher. Can we please get Emma in something more meaningful than this. 

Backstage interview with Samoa Joe, Gallows & Anderson. Joe cuts another really good promo. Anderson calls Enzo a butt nugget and Gallows calls everyone nerds.

It's 6-man tag time with Samoa Joe, Gallows & Anderson vs Seth Rollins, Enzo & Cass. The heels take out Enzo before the match starts. Angle replaces him with Finn Balor which is roughly a 54396% upgrade. Solid match. The faces pick up the win after Rollins gives his new Rainmaker knee strike type thing to Anderson. The crowd didn't pop for his new finisher which doesn't bode well.

Alexa Bliss is out to talk about winning the title. She mugs the crowd off when they 'What' her which is great. Bayley comes out and Alexa says she will beat her in her home town in front of her dad. She also insinuates she is a virgin. It's some high school stuff. Sasha Banks comes out to talk shit to Alexa and Alexa asks if she writes love letters when she packs Bayley's lunch. That's a nice touch. 

It's Sasha vs Alexa up now. They don't have much of a match as Alexa can't be arsed and takes the countout loss. Bayley attempts to take her back to the ring but Alexa escapes. She then turns her back because she is daft as fuck and Alexa attacks her from behind. She gets ran off by Sasha.

Jericho & Ambrose are backstage. Ambrose wants to be taken off the list. Jericho say that he still owes him $15,000. He agrees to take him off the list but he puts him straight back on it.

Miz tries to get Heath Slater or Curtis Axel to be his partner. They ain't up for it. He gets a note though, which he seems pleased about.

Curt Hawkins Star Factory time. It's Apollo Crews who accepts. He wins a match that I had forgotten before it had finished. Titus comes out to plug the Titus Brand to Apollo.

They show a statement from Roman Reigns where he talks about the passing of his brother, former WWE star Rosey. He also segues into the match with Strowman. I shouldn't be surprised that WWE doesn't separate real life tragedy from storyline. If I had recently lost my brother I would do everything I could to not mix it with my professional life. 

Aries is talking to Angle backstage, Aries gives him a banana. He runs into Miz and asks him if he has found a partner. We then get a wild Drifter sighting.

It's main event time. Ambrose & Jericho vs Miz and a mystery partner. It turns out Miz doesn't have a partner. He says he's going to the back to see what's going on. Angle tells him to stop fannying about and get on with the match. They have a bit of a match and end up brawling up to the announce desk where the lights go out and Bray Wyatt appears. Apparently he was Miz's partner. How nobody was counted out here I don't know. Wyatt beats up Ambrose and they head back to the ring where Wyatt gives a Sister Abigail to Jericho and Miz for good measure. And that's how we end, abruptly and disappointingly. 


This was not the best go home show by any stretch. Very little actually happened. It didn't really pique my interest for Payback. Once again the star of the show was Braun and his path of destruction.